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What is is an online community that provides Technical support to computer users for free.

All the Technicians are volunteers, and we have been featured in many media publications.

If you have a computer problem - anything from hardware to HTML problems - submit your question to us! You should receive an answer to your question in your E-Mail and through our easy to use Web Interface.

Will you ever start charging money for your services? was founded by people who used to work at a similar site that began to charge its Clients for help. Our founder, Emile Axelrad, felt that he wanted to continue free computer help on the Internet and left the other site to start Though the site has changed ownership, the new owner shares Emile's commitment to never charge any Client so much as a penny for our service.

Can I link to you?

By all means, go ahead! As a constantly growing site, welcomes any and all publicity. For your convenience, we have a number of pre-made banners and buttons that you can use to link to us if you so desire. They can be found Our Linking Page: . Sample HTML code that links directly to our site is found there too.

Why are you free?

For a long time, computer hardware and software manufacturers have provided mediocre support for their own products and charged good money for it. We here at are tired of this sort of treatment. We are committed to providing the very high quality support that major companies should but fail to provide to their customers. We are free because we enjoy helping people... It is simple as that. We get a great deal of satisfaction in helping our Clients. That is all the reward we need.

Can I submit my question to you via E-Mail rather than through the web page?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new questions via E-Mail. Our system is not set up in this manner. The ASK A QUESTION Page: page is the only way to submit a question to our support system. We do however, answer via E-Mail so a valid working E-Mail address is a must.

How do I become a Technician volunteer at

We are always in need of new technicians. Helping is very rewarding.

For more information on how to become a technician here at protonic, please see the link below:

What are the Technical Details of

We are written in entirely hand coded PHP: . We run MySQL: on our database server. Our web hosting is provided by SuperWebHost: .

Do you have an address for press enquiries?

We certainly do! E-Mail us at our site support address: and a site manager will reply to you ASAP.

Do you have a Link Exchange where you can link to my website?

Yes we do. As a constantly growing site and as we rise on search engines, exchanging links with becomes more valuable and more important to us and to other sites.

Check out Link exchange at Our NEW Link Exchange: . If you support us we would LIKE to help support you.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, Please! We have always been and always will be a site offering free support to those who need our service. However, operation of our site does involve some costs for server hosting and bandwidth, domain registration, software maintenance and so on .... This totals several hundred dollars per year. We have to pay it to keep the service in operation. If you would like to help support our work at, please visit our DONATIONS Page: .

What sort of questions can I ask?

You are perfectly welcome to ask any type of computer-related question that you wish. Our volunteer Technicians can help you with anything from software installation to explaining computing terms.

Though almost nothing is out of bounds, please do not ask questions about illegal (hacking, etc.) or other illegal activities (such as E-Mail harvesting). As a policy will not answer these types of questions.

We cannot write entire programs for you. This is far beyond what we can and will do. However, we'll be glad to help you work out programming concepts or give suggestions on perfecting a program you've already written.

I can't find an answer to my question in this FAQ. What can I do?

You're more than welcome to email us at our site support address: and a Support representative will reply to you ASAP.