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  Site Founder
Emile Axelrad
  In Memory would like to acknowledge the great achievements and dedication of our Technician and friend, Robert Kramer, who passed away on Friday, June 3rd 2011.

Robert joined the site Dec. 16, 2000. During his time here he answered 8114 Client questions. This feat is even more impressive since he took on questions many other Technicians called IMPOSSIBLE. Often Robert corresponded for weeks with a Client comprising up to about 30 messages to solve a problem. Rarely did he give up. He was a tireless worker on the site and his service and friendship will be sorely missed. - Owner / General Manager
Rick Streeter
  Executive Editor
  Management Team

Bob Uhlman
    (DDD / QA)


Peter Costello


Keith Ord
    (Deputy Dawg)


Paul Illingworth
    (Executive Manager)


  Coding / Site Development Team
Rick Streeter rick
  Content Managers
Bob Uhlman Bob Paul Illingworth callpaul
  Marketing Team
Bob Uhlman Bob Paul Illingworth callpaul

The development team would like to recognize the contributions of countless Clients and Technicians.

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