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  • The protonic.com Techs have written a "What to do after Microsoft ends Windows XP support" article at THIS PAGE. We hope it helps you in your decision of what to do after April 8, 2014 when official Microsoft support ends.

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Win XP Support ends ...

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Microsoft support ends:

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  PC Magazine May Issue Now on Sal...

The OpenSSL vulnerability Heartbleed proves that our computers and phones are never as safe as we'd like to think they are.

Heartbleed, as you probably know by now, is the biggest hole ever found in the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1jTFnzh
  Microsoft corrects Windows XP/Se...

A bad update caused users of many Microsoft security products, not just Security Essentials, to experience "interrupted service". The latest update fixes the problem.

Read more at: http://zd.net/1mkABvw

If you feel that your Windows 7 PC is bogged down by a consistent lag in performance, it might be time to reinstall the OS.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1mkyCHz
  Microsoft enables Yahoo Mail and...

If you are using an online web mail service, it is often rather difficult to switch to another one. Say, you are using Gmail or Yahoo Mail primarily and want to switch to Microsoft's Outlook email service instead.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1jP1eYn
  Six Clicks: Linux Mint tips and ...

Want to get the most out of Linux Mint, one of the most popular of the Linux desktops? Then read on!

Read more at: http://zd.net/QitWa4
  Windows 8.1 Update tip: Clean up...

On April 8, Microsoft blessed us with an update to Windows 8.1 that made the touchy-feely OS more palatable to PC users.

Now that you've had about a week to play around with the update—which brings the taskbar to the modern UI, among other welcome additions—the next few days present a good ti... Show More
  How to Stop Pop-Ups in Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox browser should automatically block pop-up windows by default. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, however.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/Qiqah0
  Microsoft fixes Windows 8.1 Upda...

After restoring the pulled patch, Microsoft has extended the cutoff date for WSUS-based updates to August.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1eKSi7z
  How to Slipstream Windows Update...

One of the horrors of reinstalling Windows is the endless amount of software updates and reboots required to get it secure, stable, and current. But there's a better way: slipstreaming. With a bit of prep, you can create a new installation disc with all the updates included, so everything installs a... Show More
  Microsoft confirms it's dropping...

Microsoft TechNet blog makes clear that Windows 8.1 will not be patched; users must get Windows 8.1 Update if they want security patches.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1hT40Yf
  Makulu Linux 6 MATE hands-on: A ...

A new release, a new installer, and a new desktop makes this a fun and beautiful option.

Read more at: http://zd.net/1jFUMmE
  As Windows XP support ends, are ...

Consumers, businesses and cash machines rely on the operating system. What are the dangers of support ending?

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1qXe203
  Two-Factor Authentication: Who H...

Heartbleed has us all scared, given that one itty bitty piece of code has left everyone's log-in information potentially (there are no confirmed malicious uses as yet) up for grabs.

So what is a person to do? Well, you should definitely change your passwords on the sites that have patched their O... Show More
  Google Chrome Free Download vs. ...

In the past, it did not matter much which browser you made use of for your device and one just made use of the system default one, but today, browsers form an integral aspect of browsing.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1qXdx6d
  How can I use Windows XP safely ...

Microsoft discontinued support for its Windows XP operating system this week, which means users need to beef up their security practices to cope.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1kf3b12

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Tech was very helpful. keep on payroll

" I have recommended your service many times. it is a great service to have available 24/7/365! have a nice day and smile! happy holidays to all! "  April 19th, 2014

I also appreciated bob's prompt responses to my replies.   April 18th, 2014

Paul was exceedingly patient and thorough, applying his vast knowledge in the most helpful ways possible!

" We always spread the word about the fantastic service protonic provides as well as the great amount of critical information available on the website, to help educate the average computer user. this is a one-of-a-kind operation and we're pleased to contribute in every way we can. "  April 18th, 2014

Bob was very patient and helpful.

" I feel good about having a place like protonic.com where I can go for technical assistance. "  April 18th, 2014

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Are there any advantages to upgrading from Win XP to Win 7?


Windows XP is about to be unsupported and except for security upgrades will not have support from Microsoft. IF YOUR COMPUTER HARDWARE WILL SUPPORT IT,Windows 7 it is an essential upgrade.


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Are there still free website builders with no ads?


No. All the free websites support themselves by having ads run on your pages.


Do I have to pay for this?


No. Protonic has always been, and will always be, free of charge.


Will protonic.com come out with an app for the iPad and other tablets/smartphones?


Not at this time. Maybe in the future.


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