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  Clear a Single Site From Your History

We've all done it, typed "Facbook" instead of Facebook. Now, the browser loads up the wrong site every time. However, this need not be the case, as Firefox offers a clever way to delete one site from your browsing history rather than forcing you to clear all your recent activity.

To tidy up any t... Show More
  Checking Chrome Version Number

To get the version of chrome your Google Chromebook is running using CLI in dev-mode [crosh/shell] type:

/opt/google/chrome/chrome –version
  How to Create a Shortcut to Change your DNS Server...

Changing your DNS can be useful to boost your privacy, increase safety, raise Internet speed, or for any other reason, but it can be tiresome to go into the network settings every time you want to switch it out. Luckily, with a freeware utility and some know-how, you can make it as easy as double-cl... Show More
  Searching with the Omnibox

Typing into Chrome's Omnibox searches Google by default, but you can also use it to search most any site on the Web: All you have to do is start typing a site's name into the box -- Amazon or YouTube, for instance -- then press Tab and begin typing your search term.

If a site doesn't automaticall... Show More
  Create a new folder

There are two ways you can create a new folder. The first is to simply open the File Manager and press Ctrl+E. You can also click the gear icon on the top right corner of the File Manager and select New Folder.
  Customizing "Win+X" Menu in Windows 8 and 8.1

Microsoft added a new Start Menu style menu in Windows 8 which is called "Win+X" Menu as it can be launched by pressing "Win+X" keys together. It contains shortcuts of various useful and frequently used programs such as Command Prompt, Run, Task Manager, Power Options, etc. This menu is also present... Show More


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  Update: Firefox pleads for cash with in-browser fu...

Mozilla has been running a fundraiser from within its Firefox browser, a program that will continue until Dec. 31.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1weH2XF
  Skype's newest app will translate your speech in r...

Microsoft’s Skype software will start translating voice calls between people today. As part of a preview program, Skype Translator makes it possible for English and Spanish speakers to communicate in their native language, without having to learn a new one. It sounds like magic , but it’s the re... Show More
  A brief history of Linux malware

A look at some of the worms and viruses and Trojans that have plagued Linux throughout the years

Read more at: http://bit.ly/13j3QdR
  Your Linux PC isn't as secure as you think it is

It’s been an apocalyptic year for Linux security, with a sophisticated Trojan and security holes over 20 years old.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1IKZIDA
  How to remove installed Windows Updates and block ...

If you have installed the updates that Microsoft released on this patch day you may have noticed issues with your machine afterwards.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1shs7wb
  What to except from the Windows 10 Consumer Event ...

Windows 10 is currently available as a preview designed to give tech enthusiasts, developers and businesses a chance to work with the operating system and give Microsoft feedback about it.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1yFaqmV

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Advice that covered the issues clearly and concisely. much appreciated.  December 17th, 2014

Excellent assistance,prompt response and easy to understand.

" What can I say,all the years i've been getting help from you people i've never had a complaint.it's almost too good to be true.thanks again. "  December 15th, 2014

Paul was quick to respond and gave easy to follow instructions.

" The first place I visit when I need help with my computer. I can depend on an answer here to fix any problem! "  December 14th, 2014

Nathan went above and beyond what I expected for my problem. I am grateful, very grateful that he cared about my situation. thanks again nathan--bob merry christmas to you  December 11th, 2014

Very helpful.solved problem.

" Very good. "  December 10th, 2014

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Is an Acer H243H LCD Monitor compatible with a Radeon 5570 video card?


The monitor will work with just about any video card.


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Can you link 4 wire case fans in series?


No. If they were wired in series the wrong voltage would be delivered to each and if in parallel 1 wire carries a signal relaying Fan RPM and the other allows the Motherboard to control speed.


My computer takes to long to boot up.


Try this FREE product: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/features/ccleaner-optim...


Best Clone software


Clonezilla, Aomei Backupper, Macrium Reflect, EaseusToDo Visit https://www.raymond.cc/blog/10-commercial-disk-imaging-so...


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