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  How to spot a phishing email...

It could be a phishing email if...

There are misspelled words in the e-mail or it contains poor grammar.

The message is asking for personally identifiable information, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, PINs or Social Security Numbers.

There are "threats" or alarming s... Show More
  Use Your Web Browser to Set a De...

You can set an image as your desktop background from the Desktop & Screen Saver area of of the System Preferences pane, using either images provided by Apple or one of your own images. However, if you are browsing the Web and come across an awesome photo that you would like to set as your backgroun... Show More
  Fault-Tolerant Help

Windows 7 includes a new feature called the Fault Tolerant Help (FTH), a clever technology that looks out for unstable processes, detects those that may be crashing due to memory issues, and applies several real-time fixes to try and help. If these work, that's fine - if not, the fixes will be undon... Show More
  Windows 8.1 Guide: 25 Tips and T...

The first big update to Windows 8 brings a potpourri of changes, enhancements, and surprises. Here’s a look at how to tap into what's new.
  Avoid default installations

Most software and hardware setup procedures are designed to get the product up and running with maximum functionality and minimum effort. One thing that usually slips is security. If you set up your external firewall with the suggested password from the installation instructions, how many others are... Show More
  Don't pass on chain messages or ...

Chain messages are a burden on mail systems and to the vast majority of the people who receive them. Just don't pass them on — it is as simple as that. You may get messages from friends, warning you about a new virus, health scare, charity appeal or con trick. These are very likely to be hoaxes or... Show More

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', ' Win 8 Tip  -  Posted: September 17, 2014 by Bob Uhlman' ,'width:400');" onMouseOut="return hideTip();">  Restore the Windows "Updates are...

If you've set up Windows 8 to check for Windows updates but enable you to choose whether to download and install them, then of course it's very important that the system tells you when updates are available. And it does this - but only in the logon screen. The "Updates are available" system tray ico... Show More
  Fix Explorer

The Windows 7 Explorer has a couple of potential annoyances. Launching Computer will no longer display system folders like Control Panel or Recycle Bin, for instance. And if you're drilling down through a complicated folder structure in the right-hand pane of Explorer, the left-hand tree won't alway... Show More
  Re-enable the Library Folder

With OS X Lion, Apple discontinued the ability for users to show the Library folder inside of their Home folder. Professional Mac users (especially developers) were disappointed by this move. Fortunately, Apple has now added the ability to un-hide this folder. To do so, navigate to your Home folder,... Show More
  How To Extract Individual Files ...

Windows 7’s backup control panel has the ability to create full system image backups. While Windows says you can’t restore individual files from these backups, there’s a way to browse the contents of a system image and extract individual files.

Read more here: Show More
  How to Disable the Hot Corners -...

By default, all four corners of the screen in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 trigger certain actions. Moving to the lower-left corner displays the Start button, while moving to the upper-left corner shows you the app switcher, with thumbnails for all open apps. And the upper-right and lower-right corners... Show More
  If you download FREE software......

Free software that you download could be just what you think it is — a single software package. However, many times free software comes bundled with other unwanted, harmful programs including spyware, viruses, or even Trojan horse programs. To help keep your computer free from unwanted guests, mak... Show More
  Save Time By Using Global Hotkey...

Did you know that many applications contain global hotkeys that you can set? That is to say, hotkeys that trigger application-specific actions regardless of what application is active (is in the foreground).

For instance, I can be working in Byword or Mail and quickly type up a Tweet using the Tw... Show More
  Default to Photo Viewer

Double-click an image file within Explorer and it won't open in a Photo Viewer window any more, at least not by default. Instead you'll be switched to the full-screen Windows 8 Photos app - bad news if you thought you'd escaped such hassles by using the desktop.

If you'd like to fix this, go to C... Show More
  Check for encryption or secure s...

Credit card and online banking sites are convenient and easy ways to purchase and handle financial transactions. They are also the most frequently spoofed or "faked" sites for phishing scams. Information you provide to online banking and shopping sites should be encrypted and the site's URL should b... Show More


 Latest Industry News...

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  Seven privacy settings you shoul...

The minute you download and install iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, you should take note of these privacy steps in order to lock down your device.

iOS 8 has a number of new features tied to your location. It also has new privacy settings, allowing... Show More
  EaseUS Todo PCTrans supports ind...

Most users who buy, build or get a new PC want to move data from the old one to the new. This includes personal files such as photos, videos or music but also applications, application data and customizations.

Read more at:
  Google wants to enrich offline b...

Someday soon, users may be able to interact with their favorite websites even when these sites aren’t accessible, thanks to a new browser standard called Service Workers being developed by Google.

Read more at:
  Apple delivers final non-securit...

Apple on Wednesday released OS X 10.9.5, what is most likely the last non-security update for Mavericks, just weeks before the company will ship the successor, Yosemite.

Read more at:
  Windows 9: A new hope

Three UI changes show a positive new direction away from the unloved Windows 8.

Read more at:
  ChromeOS vs Linux: The Good, the...

In the battle between ChromeOS and Linux, both desktop environments have strengths and weaknesses.

Anyone who believes Google isn't "making a play" for desktop users isn't paying attention. In recent years, I've seen ChromeOS making quite a splash on the Google Chromebook.

Read more at: http://... Show More
  How to Use Easy Transfer to Move...

There can often be a lot of trepidation about upgrading to a new PC. If nothing else, it’s just a pain to get all those accumulated files from your old PC to the new. Don’t let the daunting task of file transfer stop you from upgrading.

Read more at:
  An early look at Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 is a minor, but significant, step up from Canonical's last Linux desktop operating system, Ubuntu 14.04.

Want an early peek at Ubuntu 14.10? The betas are out for the Ubuntu variant distributions.

Read more at:
  Kindle security vulnerability ca...

A security vulnerability exists in Amazon's Kindle Library, which can be used to "compromise" an entire account, according to the researcher who found the flaw.

Read more at:
  Adobe releases security updates ...

Adobe has released security updates for Reader and Acrobat addressing eight vulnerabilities in both the Windows and Mac versions. The affected versions are Reader and Acrobat X 10.1.11 and earlier and Reader and Acrobat XI 11.0.08 for Windows and Mac.

Read more at:
  The best free file comparison pr...

It can sometimes be a necessity to compare different versions of a file. Maybe you want to make sure that a file you burned to disc or stored in a backup is identical to the original, list all changes that someone else made to a file, or compare files after a hacking attack to find out if they have ... Show More
  10 things you need to know about...

Linux Mint 17 continues in a line of Linux desktop-focused releases, and in testing we found it has become more mature than prior versions. There's something here to please everyone.

Read more at:
  5 time-saving Excel macros for c...

If you’re not using macros, you’re ignoring one of Excel’s most powerful features. Macros save you time and spare you headaches by automating common, repetitive tasks.

Read more at:
  Run Trend Micro’s Anti-Threat ...

Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit is a free portable program for recent versions of the Windows operating system.

Once it has been downloaded to the local system it can be started right away. The program opens a command prompt on start and runs a couple of commands there before the graphical user i... Show More
  3 Ways Your Kids Can Get You Hac...

Last month a story in the Wall Street Journal sent a shudder down our collective parental spine. Google is planning to open Gmail and YouTube to kids under the age of 13. While the company will restrict this king's ransom of new clicks to kid-friendly content, hackers could well have a field day.

R... Show More

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What risk in fixing all items shown after Registry scan in CCleaner?


No risk at all. The items listed are all Orphaned Links so they are not used. This is not like a more invasive registry cleaner which works rather differently and best avoided.


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Is the Adobe Flash Player update safe?


Yes, Adobe Flash Player is safe at the moment. But, as soon as the hackers have figured a hack for it, Flash Player could be deemed unsafe. As always, keep your anti virus program updated.


How do i uninstall the torntv V10


You will find a description and removal instructions in the following link If you need further assistance please open a detailed question.


How do I stop AVG PC Tuneup pestering me to buy their program?


Since it is a "Try before you Buy" the only way to do this is to purchase their program. There are many similar programs that are free have no nags. Use "Ask a Question" on this site for for more.


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