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  How to reset your router username and password

There might come a time when you’ll need to log in to your router to change a setting or two, most likely the network key for the Wi-Fi connection. But what happens if you can’t log in because you forgot the router’s username and/or password?

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  How to Use Stationery in Mail for Mac to Stylize a...

If you want to add some flair and customization to emails sent from your Mac, you can use the Stationery feature to personalize the appearance of emails sent from the Mail app in Mac OS.

Read more at:
  Top 8 Things to do with a new Windows 10 System

A fresh installed Windows 10 operating system, regardless of whether it is store-bought, an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, or a reset of Window 10 machine, is a good opportunity to apply some useful tweaks and fixes to the operating system.

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  How To Repair Windows 10

The fastest, easiest, most reliable method when fixing an error in Windows 10 is to complete what is called an "in-place" reinstall. Note: The computer must be able to boot into Windows 10 since the user will be starting the install from a running instance of Windows 10. How well Windows 10 doesn't ... Show More
  Adguard website: Download Windows and Office ISO i...

Adguard is a third-party web service that allows you to download Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ISO images from Microsoft services directly.

Microsoft makes it quite difficult for the average user to download ISO images of Windows or Office.

While you can grab some ISOs from Microsoft ... Show More
  Share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi on Windo...

Have you connected your Windows 10 PC to the internet with an Ethernet connection and now want to share the Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi with your other devices? In this guide, we will see how to share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi in Windows 10.

Using a wireless router is perhaps the bes... Show More

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  Microsoft completes modified version of Windows 10...

Microsoft could be on the verge of making greater headway in China after completing a modified version of Windows 10 for the Chinese government. The operating system has been banned for governmental use for some time despite the fact it is already available to consumers in the country.

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  Turn off most Windows 10 Ads with a double-click, ...

The following guide offers instructions on turning of all ads on Windows 10, and most of them with a simple double-click.

Not all Windows 10 users have seen advertisement yet on devices that run the operating system, but the number is certainly growing.

The main reason why it is growing is tha... Show More
  Windows 10 KB4015438 fixes crashes and hangs

The new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) KB4015438 patches two issues introduced by last week's Patch Day.

This raises the version of the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10 to 14393.969.

The KB4015438 update seems to fix two issues introduced last week t... Show More
  Microsoft ready to block updates for Windows 7 on ...

Microsoft may be getting ready to enforce a new support policy for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 that was announced last year, a recently-revised support document signaled.

Personal computers powered by the latest processors from AMD, Intel and Qualcomm will be blocked from receiving securi... Show More
  Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns of the thre...

tim berners-lee, fake news, web foundation

It€™s been 28 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted his original proposal for the world wide web. To mark the occasion, the Web Foundation founder has written a blog post highlighting what he believes are the three challenges facing the ... Show More
  Desktop Linux the best it has ever been and it kee...

While users of proprietary operating systems suffer with new, slower, buggier, more spy-filled systems, Linux users are enjoying better performance and more support.

Read more at:

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He was great. james is knowledable, helpful and very human. a pleasure to work with.

" I love the site. i've never asked a question without getting help. you can't say that about some sites, or some people. protonic is wonderful! "  March 7th, 2017

Really helpful and friendly, professional but without being condescending - great work james! very good approach to troubleshooting. thanks for all your help :)

" Maybe put the 'ask a question' link above the page fold on front page. it would be easier to find :) "  March 2nd, 2017

Helpful information; thanks!  February 27th, 2017

bel arc fixed the problem although it took time for it to be fixed. now it runs correctly. I also sent bel arc and email regarding this issue.

" Recommended you again today. "  February 16th, 2017

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Fri, 01 Jul 2011 - I can not start Windows Live Messenger and other Windows Live (Windows 7)


If none of the Windows Live programs will start, you should reinstall them all. Somehow, they have experienced file corruption and need to be refreshed.

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Is Window Defender the best free anti virus?


Read the reviews below:,review-2588-5....,2817,2388652,00.asp You'll notice the ones that are on the top in each article.


Any details (feelings) about the Cent Browser?


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