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Microsoft Security Updates April 2017 release   

Microsoft released security updates, and non security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on 4/11/2017.

The April 2017 Patch Tuesday is special. First, because it marks the end of Windows Vista's extended support phase. Microsoft won't release security updates for Windows Vista officially anymore.

Second, it marks the beginning of the roll out phase of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

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Published on April 17, 2017 by Bob Uhlman
Linux vs Windows: should you take the plunge?   

Many people believe that if you don't want to use the Windows operating system, the only other option is to fork out extra cash for a Mac. There is, however, another option.

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Published on April 17, 2017 by Bob Uhlman
Microsoft begins denying updates to some Windows 7 users   

Microsoft this week began blocking Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs equipped with the very newest processors from receiving security updates, making good on a policy it announced but did not implement last year.

But the company also refused to provide security fixes to Windows 7 systems that were powered by AMD's "Carrizo" CPUs, an architecture that was supposed to continue receiving patches.

The decree that led to the update bans, whether allowable or not under Microsoft's new policy, was revealed in January 2016, when the company said making Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 run on the latest processors was "challenging." Microsoft then ruled that Windows 10 would be the only supported edition on seventh-generation and later CPUs and simultaneously dictated a substantial shortening of support of both editions.

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Published on April 17, 2017 by Paul Illingworth
Microsoft ends support for Windows Vista, here are your options   

Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows Vista, leaving many organizations with the choice to move to another version of Windows or make the switch to open source.

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Published on April 13, 2017 by Bob Uhlman
Unpatched Microsoft Word Flaw is Being Used to Spread Dridex Banking Trojan   

If you are a regular reader of The Hacker News, you might be aware of an ongoing cyber attack detected in the wild by McAfee and FireEye that silently installs malware on fully-patched computers by exploiting an unpatched Microsoft Word vulnerability in all current versions of Microsoft Office.

Now, according to security firm Proofpoint, the operators of the Dridex malware started exploiting the unpatched Microsoft Word vulnerability to spread a version of their infamous Dridex banking trojan.

Dridex is currently one of the most dangerous banking trojans on the Internet that exhibits the typical behavior of monitoring a victim's traffic to bank sites by infiltrating PCs and stealing victim's online banking credentials and financial data.

The Dridex actors usually relied on macro-laden Word files to distribute the malware through spam messages or emails.

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Published on April 12, 2017 by Paul Illingworth
Microsoft Issues Patches for Actively Exploited Critical Vulnerabilities   

Besides a previously undisclosed code-execution flaw in Microsoft Word, the tech giant patches two more zero-day vulnerabilities that attackers had been exploiting in the wild for months, as part of this month's Patch Tuesday.
In total, Microsoft patches 45 unique vulnerabilities in its nine products, including three previously undisclosed vulnerabilities under active attack.
The first vulnerability (CVE-2017-0199) under attack is a remote-code execution flaw that could allow an attacker to remotely take over a fully patched and up to date computer when the victim opens a Word document containing a booby-trapped OLE2link object.

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Published on April 12, 2017 by Paul Illingworth
How to Run a Security Checkup on Your Google Account   

Concerned about the wrong person snagging unauthorized access to your Google account? You can run a security check on your account to make sure it's as safe and secure as possible.

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Published on April 9, 2017 by Bob Uhlman
Microsoft reveals what data Windows 10 collects from you   

In an effort to be more transparent, Microsoft revealed more about what data Windows 10 Creators Update will collect from users' PCs and clarified what the privacy settings mean.

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Published on April 9, 2017 by Bob Uhlman
ubuntushop now provides tails live session option by default   

Belgium-based Linux laptop vendor, now provides the option to boot into Tails live session by default.

Tails got famous when privacy activist Edward Snowden mentioned it. It is not your regular Linux distribution. You can only use it as a live session, mostly via a USB stick. Your entire session is erased once you log out of the system.

While using such a system can be a pain, but it could be good to have as an option when you want to be discreet. And this is what UbuntuShop is providing.

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Published on April 4, 2017 by Paul Illingworth
learn Linux online.   

This is a list of free Linux training courses. Some of these are just basic to introduce you to Linux while some can help you build a career with Linux.

These courses are available worldwide without any charges. All you need is a decent internet connection and the determination to learn Linux.

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Published on March 30, 2017 by Paul Illingworth
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