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Here's how to check if your Google account is one of the 1 million infected with malware   

Anyone running an older version of the Android operating system, be warned: Malware is infecting 13,000 Android devices every day, putting at risk the private details of more than 1 million Google accounts.

That's according to cybersecurity software company Check Point, which discovered a new piece of malware called "Gooligan" that's infecting Android phones and stealing email addresses.

Users who download Gooligan-infected apps or click links in phishing messages are being exposed to the malware, which allows attackers to access sensitive information from Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

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Published on December 5, 2016 by Paul Illingworth
Email Backup Software MailStore Home 10 released   

MailStore Home 10 is the newest version of the popular email backup software solution for Windows that supports local and remote email accounts. You can use the free MailStore Home client to back up emails from desktop email programs like Outlook or Thunderbird, local email files such as Mbox, PST or EML, and also from email servers using Pop3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange.

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Published on November 30, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
Zorin OS 12 Improves Linux Desktop Access for Windows Users   

The New Zorin OS 12 Linux distribution release aims to make it easier for users of proprietary operating systems to work with Linux.

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Published on November 30, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
Fedora 25 makes Linux easy enough for anyone to try   

The first thing to know about the new version of Fedora is that you don't have to download an ISO file and write it to a USB stick. This is an important thing to note, as preparing installation media for Linux is one of the bigger hurdles for newbies. (When I say newbies, I think of my mom trying to download and properly burn a USB image.)

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Published on November 30, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
Office Hub app on Windows 10   

The 'Get Office' app for Windows 10 has received a considerable upgrade to make it more than a billboard to sell Office 365.
It's now (or will be) an 'Office hub' for access to all things Office. Recent documents, the programs themselves, Office 365 account settings plus help and training.

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Published on November 30, 2016 by Paul Illingworth
Mozilla patches critical Firefox flaw weeks after update   

Mozilla released a security update to patch a critical flaw in Firefox which could allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

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Published on November 29, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
3 security reports about shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday   

Researchers list the most and least secure online retailers, warn about vulnerabilities in WordPress e-commerce plugins and warn that crooks are cashing in on top store brands and "Black Friday" to scam consumers.

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Published on November 27, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
How Linux can save small businesses (and old hardware)   

Many small businesses with tight budgets are facing a tough choice: Stick with obsolete systems and remain vulnerable to hackers, or spend a lot to install new gear. David Gewirtz shows how Linux can help you preserve your investment while staying safe and secure.

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Published on November 24, 2016 by Paul Illingworth
Apple will replace the battery of your iPhone 6s that keeps shutting down   

First Samsung, now Apple. Battery problems in smartphones are all the rage these days. Of course, Apple's battery problems are very different than the ones Samsung users experienced, notably in that nothing has yet exploded. But what is happening to iPhones? And which models are affected?

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Published on November 21, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
Thunderbird 45.5 email client released   

A new version of the popular desktop email client Thunderbird has just been released. Thunderbird 45.5 fixes several issues but does not introduce new features.

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Published on November 21, 2016 by Bob Uhlman
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