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European answer to Google that does not sell your data   

Europe has a fast-growing and conscientious alternative to the US giant Google Qwant, a multilingual search engine that does not sell on user data.

Set up in 2013 by eric Léandri, Jean-Manuel Rozan and Patrick Constant, Qwant is available in 16 languages, including French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

It recently attracted €25million in funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB), and plans to use the money to expand its workforce from its current 60 to 200 by 2017. Most new staff will be based in the company's research and development wing, Pôle R&D, in Nice.

With more than 6million hits a day, Qwant aims to be a pan-European alternative to Google, which dominates the market 93% of internet users worldwide search the web with its search engines.

"An alternative in Europe, five, eight, 10%... it's not bad," said Mr Léandri when asked about his ambitions for Qwant,

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Published on March 16, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Microsoft drops Outlook Mobile to force people to their Outlook app   

Microsoft has announced that the long standing Outlook Mobile App is being dumped from 15 May 2018.  A thinly-disguised attempt to get more people using their insecure Outlook App.

Naming of Microsoft's email services is (deliberately) confusing so here's a quick primer

Outlook Mobile App (OMA) is a app/application to connect with Exchange Server mailboxes.  This is what Microsoft is dumping.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) or 'Outlook on the web' is a set of web pages designed to fit on small phone screens.  If Exchange Server users try to access Outlook Web App (email in a browser) and the system detects a small screen, it switches to a light version instead.    OWA is being retained.

Outlook app is the Apple/Android app which you can use instead of the in-built email/calendar/contacts apps.  Microsoft pushes the Outlook app very hard and you've almost certainly seen many links to install

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Published on March 14, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Apple Has Designed A Coffee And Crumb-Proof Keyboard   

Apple has patented a keyboard that is potentially immune to spilled coffee and crumbs, two of the most dangerous substances to be allowed near a gadget. 

Spilled coffee is about as destructive to a keyboard as a 40ft drop.

This is a scientific fact that can be confirmed by anyone who has tried, desperately, to mop up their now ruined keyboard with tattered bits of napkin.

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Published on March 13, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Comparison of Three Linux 'App Stores'   

long, long ago, when installing apps in Linux required downloading and compiling source packages. If you were really lucky, some developer might have packaged the source code into a form that was more easily installable. Without those developers, installing packages could become a dependency nightmare.

But then, package managers like rpm and dpkg began to rise in popularity, followed quickly by the likes of yum and apt. This was an absolute boon to anyone looking to make Linux their operating system of choice. Although dependencies could still be an issue, they weren't nearly as bad as they once were. In fact, many of these package managers made short shrift of picking up all the dependencies required

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Published on March 12, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
dangerous scams doing the rounds rights now - and how to protect yourself from them   

How to spot a scam email

Emails to be wary of

Spelling mistakes are a common tell-tale sign of a fraudulent email.

Be aware of any emails and pop-up windows asking you to click on a link or provide personal information directly in response.

A genuine email will only ever address you by your full name at the beginning anything that starts 'Dear customer' should immediately raise your suspicions.

Do not reply, click on links or open any attachments that arrive with the email.

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Published on March 11, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: everything you need to know   

next version of Windows 10 looks set to shake things up in the way people switch between devices, and now, reportedly, has a name: Spring Creators Update.

With Windows 10 being the "final" version of Windows, updates like this are essentially the new versions, with the recent Creators Update, and then the Fall (autumn) Creators Update each bringing big new features and revisions. So what does the next version of Windows 10 have in store?

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Published on March 10, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Windows 10: Microsoft confirms plans to DROP newest version of its operating system   

Windows 10 S will no longer exist as a separate operating system, Microsoft has confirmed.

Instead, the Redmond technology company will incorporate the functionality into a mode within its standard Windows 10 operating system.

The feature dubbed S Mode leaked online last month.

However, Microsoft Vice President of Operating Systems Joe Belfiore confirmed the news in a tweet today.

"Next year 10S will be a 'mode' of existing versions, not a distinct version," he posted.

We use Win10S as an option for schools or businesses that want the 'low-hassle'/ guaranteed performance version. Next year 10S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version. SO ... I think it's totally fine/good that it's not mentioned.

Joe Belfiore (@joebelfiore) March 7, 2018

Microsoft launched its Windows 10 S operating system last year alongside its Surface Laptop hardware

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Published on March 7, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Geek Squad staff 'paid by FBI' to flag illegal imagery   

Best Buy's computer repair workers have been aiding the FBI for at least 10 years, new documents suggest.

They indicate that several of the US company's Geek Squad staff were paid for reporting child abuse imagery.

The rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation said that the relationship "circumvents computer owners' Fourth Amendment rights" to privacy.

The FBI did not respond to questions about its relationship with other repair companies, according to the EFF.

The EFF began a Freedom of Information Act legal action to obtain the documents last year, after a doctor was prosecuted for child abuse imagery when Geek Squad technician reported an image of a naked childon his computer to FBI agents.

It was previously reported that the technician had been paid $500 (£360) by the FBI.

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Published on March 7, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Open Source Disk Cleaner App BleachBit Gets First Update After 19 Months   

Open Source system cleaner application BleachBit version 2.0 has been released. The new version brings some improvements and new features to the most used system cleaning application on Linux.

The open source system cleaning software, BleachBit has announced its first major release, BleachBit 2.0, after one and a half year. According to the release statement, this latest update "brings major improvements to infrastructure, security, stability, and the framework."

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Published on March 2, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
Iridium Browser: A Browser for the Privacy Conscious   

Iridium is a web browser based on Chromium project. It has been customized to not share your data and thus keeping your privacy intact.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in use today. People like it because it is quick and highly customizable. However, many people are leery of using it because Chrome tends to send lots of user information home to the massive Google servers. (You didn't think that Google built these huge data centers to store cat videos, did you?) Thankfully, there is an alternative for those who are privacy conscious.

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Published on February 28, 2018 by Paul Illingworth
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