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Issue 15 - April 15, 2007
Table of contents:
Panic in Pakistan:
Last rites for XP:
Surfing in Romania:
More computer related stress:
Windows update causes error message:
Is quicktime a pest?
Worthy sites:

Introduction:[ TOP ]
Stress is a factor in most of our lives and it can be lethal; contributing to heart attacks and strokes. Our computers and the way we use them are a considerable source of stress, which often goes unrecognised. I recently met a man who was terrified to tell his wife and family that his hard drive had crashed. All the family photographs were on the drive, including his daughter's wedding and dozens of pictures of grandchildren. He had never backed up any data and the cost of professional recovery (with no guarantee of success) started at 1,000. If that wasn't stressful enough I dread to think about his stress levels when he finally told his wife.

Have you ever spent hours trying to install new hardware or a program and it just won't work? I bet you know someone who has and it inevitably causes frustration, anger and stress.

Another cause of stress is entirely self-induced. For some reason we feel a sense of inadequacy or even shame if we encounter a computer problem we cannot solve. This is clearly silly; I know a thing or two about computers but when my car breaks I call a mechanic.

There are many other things we do with our computers that cause stress; and reading this article and spending a few moments reflecting on how computers have an impact on our health could improve the quality of our lives and even prevent an early death.

Hotspots:[ TOP ]
If you're one of the new breed of geek who takes a laptop with a wireless network card everywhere they go in the hope of finding a hotspot to access the web, this is for you:
Although it might be cool to sit in an airport lounge reading email, it has its dark side and can be risky, as explained here:,1895,2109464,00.asp
They are not called hotspots for nothing!

Panic in Pakistan:[ TOP ]
Rumours of a deadly virus (the biological kind) that spreads via mobile phones swept through Pakistan a few days ago.

The rumor was so effective that some mosques in the countrys biggest city, Karachi, made announcements that people were being killed by a mobile virus and they should be aware of Gods wrath.

It's hard to believe that people took this seriously, but apparently there were millions ijamming phone company lines to find out if it was true!,130706-c,viruses/article.html#

Last rites for XP:[ TOP ]
Within 12 months Windows XP will be phased out in favour of Vista. Microsoft plans to discontinue shipments of Windows XP to OEMs on January 31, 2008. They also say retail licenses will be discontinued at that time.

This news has been welcomed in the real world with all the enthusiasm a turkey feels as Christmas approaches.

The only beneficiaries will be the grey cardigan brigade developing Linux, because many private and business users will consider switching in order to avoid Vista and its well publicised deficiencies.

Read more:,130710-c,xp/article.html

Surfing in Romania:[ TOP ]
There are many internet sites that are best described as malicious, and of all the major domains Romania seems to be the most risky, with a whopping 5.6% of its sites containing something nasty, like a virus, phishing scam etc.

Russia was a close second with 4.5%, but the most dangerous were smaller Island nations, known for offering free or anonymous registration, ranked highest on the danger list. Among them: Sao Tome/Principe (.st) off Africa, at 19 percent; Tokelau (.tk) in the South Pacific, at 10 percent; the Turks and Caicos (.tc) in the Caribbean, also at 10 percent; and the South Georgia/South Sandwich Islands (.gs) near Antartica, at 9 percent.

Mind how you go!

More computer related stress:[ TOP ]
If you're still not convinced about computer stress consider the case of a man who killed 7 co-workers at a technology company in 2001. During his trial his defence was:
"during the rampage he thought he had traveled back in time on instructions from God and was shooting Nazis in Adolf Hitlers bunker in 1940."

Windows update causes error message:[ TOP ]
Weve had many people contact us with the same error The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory.The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\HHCTRL.OCX occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL.

This was the result of a Windows update, surprise, surprise, and the fix is here:

It works.

Talkback:[ TOP ]
I was soundly taken to task by Ken Laninga for the spelling errors in the last edition. I do apologise, and there will be a prize for anyone finding the errors in this edition!!

Please send your ideas, views, comments etc to and put TALKBACK in the subject line.

Is quicktime a pest?[ TOP ]
I don't use Quicktime, but I ran across a discussion the other day about the annoying icon in the systray that apparently cannot be removed from Windows startup. Does anyone know how to remove it?

Anyone got any views on Quicktime itself?

Please send to with Quciktime in the subject line.

Worthy sites:[ TOP ] Is a series of tutorials for Open Office. Is the latest Windows media player. Is for ipod junkies. Is for those with a passion for blowing up their computers. Is for those with tidy minds. Is for the sheer fun of it.

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