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Ask a Technical Question

The only pay we get is the excellent Feedback from you.
We try our very best to answer all of your questions.
Never giving up on a ticket until the job is done.

35 technicians from all parts of the world and we are all volunteers.

Having the chance to register to become a technician that can provide a top service and help the community. If you have what it takes, why not apply and show us your expertise.

A Let's Exchange Links page where you can submit your website to us. Once we verify you have on your website, we will publish your website on

Visit Discussion Boards We have recently upgraded and updated the discussion boards to its very best.

There are loads of interested topics and posts that will interest you. Please register to have access to the discussion boards.

Visit BlogAn excellent Blog called This is where you can read about all Tech News and important information all around the world. We also do our very best to keep this blog up to date for you as well.

We keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest breaking stories from all corners of thecomputer industry. From Apple and Linux, to Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. Your one stop source for all the news you can use.

- What you can do to help! - has recently made an official Facebook and Twitter account. We really need your help in spreading the word about Press your "Like Us" buttons on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter.

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Recommend us to a college friend, family member, or a work colleague. Tell them about your ticket experiences you have received from us and how we were devoted to helping you all the way.

If you have any contacts in the press industry or can get us into a PC magazine, through a community aspect, this would be a really big help too. continues because of donations and though we are free to you, hosting fees, bandwidth, and domain registration cost several hundred US dollars per year. If a technician has helped you in the past with your computer and have not already made a donation, we would really appreciate a donation from you to help us keep alive.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Happy Computing! Until next time...

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