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   Spelling, Display, & Layout

Default Language / Location:

Select the dictionary you prefer to be used for spell-checking.  ( default: English (US)   )

 Font size:

Change the size of the fonts used on the site.

NOTE: Using a "Large" font or higher may result in distortion on some pages.

Most Web Browsers allow changing page and font size via a CTRL key combination. Hold down the CTRL key and press the + (plus) key together makes the page larger. The CTRL - (minus) key makes it smaller. CTRL 0 (zero) key returns a page to normal size. Since using this "Font size" setting for larger sizes may cause page distortion, we recommend that you first try the CTRL Key combination that changes the page size proportionally.

 Auto-fix common spelling errors (typos).

Auto-correct common errors like "teh" (the), "adn" (and), etc.?

 Show Mouse-over Help boxes.

When "Yes is selected you WILL see Mouseover help boxes

on MOST of the site.NOTE: Even when "No"

you will see some Mouseover help on previews etc.

 Question history displayed for:

Change the length of time your Question History is displayed on your Homepage.  (default: 90 days)

 Article Items to list:

Change the maximum number of News Items per page listed when all are selected.  (default: 10 items)

 Number of My "Quickies" to list:

Select the maximum number of Quickies displayed on My "Quickie popup".

 Default first page:

Change which Pages loads on Log In.  (default: "Front Page")

 Confirm replies:

E-Mail me a copy when I have added to a ticket.  (default: Yes)

   Authentication & Security

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Save your username and E-Mail address in the login area so you don't have to type them

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