How many versions of Windows have there been to date. Too many, Windows 1, Windows 2, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 95a, Windows 95b, Windows 95c, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server / Windows Home Server, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windoes 7. Are free anti virus programs as good as the paid versions? They perform the same function so they do protect you. Since you do not have to part with money they are probably better ..... you are protected but get to keep your money. Should I turn my computer off at night? Yes, you should. This will mean that you do not consume electricity so turning off makes a positive social contribution. Turning off also means that your computer will last longer but most people do not use a computer to the extent of its full life. How I can I see how long a web page is before I print? Use the Print Preview feature in your web browser. Click File and then click Print Preview. be sure to pay attention to the number of pages contained in the document where it says "page 1 of _______." What is a zip file? A computer file that contains one or more files are compressed for storage or transmission. The file extension for this type of file is "zip." What is a "Quickie"? A "Quickie" is a short question about General topics. Why does my computer clock lose time? The CMOS battery needs to be replaced. What does ASCII stand for? American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is the current standard for text encoding used by computers. Is Windows Complete?? If you run sfc /scannow from a terminal it will check if your key system files are present. Remove a virus. A very good idea. Perhaps the free on-line scan from Trend called HouseCall could help you. Google will show you the way. For complete help go to Does Excel worksheet have to be open to quickly update link. Your question has a number of different facets depending on what is a link. The following article may help you though ... Hi, I have an Occigen monitor and want to use the intrgated speakers There should be no problem in doing this if you simply connect it to the Speaker output of the computer. If you already have speakers connected you can get a "Y" splitter at a local Radio Shack etc. How do I see the calendar in Windows? Right-click on the time on the task bar and then left click on "adjust Date/Time" options. How do I get a menu for Word 2007 that looks like the Word 2003 menu? Install and use a program named UBIT found here: What is a computer bug? It WAS actually a BUG that was found in a relay contact of an early computer causing a malfunction. However it has come to mean anything that causes a piece of hardware or software to malfunction. How does a computer virus spread? Int. Explorer will not play my .ppp files. -- I can save and the play. Details of ppp files are here IE is not the right program to open them. What is an external hard drive? This is a normal hard drive but held in an enclosure which connects to the PC by a USB cable so the drive is always external to the computer. Is an Acer H243H LCD Monitor compatible with a Radeon 5570 video card? The monitor will work with just about any video card. My folders wont get smaller when I click.i am using Vista First step check for spyware infection. Use the free version of If that does not help please open a detailed ticket ... How do I shut off the caps lock screen icon in windows 7? gateway pc The suggestions in this thread may assist you After upgrading IE i lost my tab for adding favorites You may need to open a ticket. Please try this first If I uninstall Itunes will my ipod classic still work? Yes. Your iPod will still work just fine. You just cannot sync or manipulate your music until iTunes has been reinstalled. How can I get my mic to work on my laptop it was working before? Check that it is not muted in the sound settings. Check the sound device drivers. Perhaps open a detailed ticket? Will Photoshop 7 work with Mac 10.5? how do I give feedback? You will see a rating link on the ticket when it is closed. My hard disk --SATA 160GB -- is 5 year, do need to go for a new one? If it works and does not make any noises there is no need to get a new one. If you need further information please post a ticket at . How do I compress multiple files into one file? Use a file compression program to make an archive file. zip files are an example. A free program such as 7-zip will help How can I quickly increase or decrease the font size on a web page? This depends on the browser you are using. Holding the Windows key and moving the mouse wheel can quickly resize a page. See also How do I fix the 2011 browser redirect virus? In the first instance use ComboFix Where is the internal antenna on my laptop? It is most likely internal to the screen near the top when it is unfolded. However depending on the brand and model it can be located elsewhere. When I am typing black line disappears have to use cursor to put it back Depending on the application you are using this may be caused by a setting called "Hide cursor (or pointer) while typing". This can be set in "Control Panel / Mouse" or as an application setting. Unable to Locate Component GDI32.Dll not found You may like to take a look at this thread .. My 64-bit PC running 64-bit Win7 with 4GB mem shows 3.25GB usable, why? Please read this article: How to find PDF version of Advanced UNIX Programming 2nd edition try this link or google What does HTTP stand for? A detailed definition is at the following link What does the term "pentium" refer to? A detailed description is found at this link Can anyone help with an Excel formula? Yes no problem - our techs are used to answering these questions but we may need to see the spreadsheet to be able to advise fully. Post the question and we will look at it for you. What are free trial cloud servers ??? Cloud - simply a storage space based on the Internet, It allows users to store data, files, pictures etc for use / retrieval later from the cloud. Many of the main companies offer so much space free What is Open is the website of OpenOffice which is the free equivalent of Microsoft Office. In Corel Word Perfect - Keystroke options not working Have a look at for details - if that is not the answer post a question on our main site and one of our techs will investigate for you Do i need ms product code key to reinstall/repair Vista If you restore from a Factory Restore disk you probably do not need the CD Key. If you want to reinstall from a Setup / Install disk you need the key. If you want to repair it is usually not needed. I keep getting the wromg home page where did I go wrong? You probably have a spyware infection. You may want to run the free version of superantispyware just to check your machine is clean. Windows Media Player windows 7 says insert blank disk even after I do. You may want to run a lens cleaning CD to check that your drive is working properly. If that does not work then open a detailed question ... How do I move forward and back in my browser using the keyboard? Go to the next page - ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go to the previous page - ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE Go to your Home page - ALT+HOME For Internet explorer should be the same for them all Is there a way of typing on a pre-printed Adobe (.pdf) form? The commercial "FormTyper" part of "PDF Converter" ( will do this. I am not aware of any free program that does this. Saving Email Attachments in Eudora Please follow the suggestion in this link How do I find my Macs IP address? Go to to see it.on the top of tha page. How come a shortcut (Google) wont pin to taskbar? Other shortcuts do. If you use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 you can do this. Otherwise you cannot. For more information please go to to post a more complete question. How to remove "Personal Shield Pro" from Windows XP computer? Use the free version of superantispyware How do I export Windows Live Mail address book to Thunderbirds address book Assuming you are running Windows 7 proceed as discussed at: I have 2 copies of windows on my computer. how do I get rid of one of them The instructions in the following link should help you I can not start Windows Live Messenger and other Windows Live (Windows 7) If none of the Windows Live programs will start, you should reinstall them all. Somehow, they have experienced file corruption and need to be refreshed. Password Protect USB Drives Please see the discussion at: you should find an answer therein. Some USB drives are available that are password protected in hardware, I need a backup program - free or otherwise. SecCopy not good. Please take a look here: Turn on/off popup blocker Several different pop up blockers available common one is on google toolbar - switch it on or off, simply click it. If you want more control it does have a drop down box for more. If not this ask more May i hide my IP without proxy use? No. Even if you use a proxy your IP address is only partially hidden. It is often still possible to trace back to your connected IP. Your ISP always knows what you are doing ... in detail. Compaq nc6220 laptop - a couple of keys dont work can I repair myself? Yes, this is a relatively cheap and easy fix - see for the method. You can buy a replacement keyboard online. How do I set up a shared network drive between windows 7 and Vista? Please read through the following guide If you need further assistance please open a detailed question. How do I put an icon on the desktop for Assuming you are using Internet Explorer or FireFox (you did not say) simply drag the icon that is to the left of our address in the address bar to your desktop. How come whenever I try to download, its says "error 1606", please help me! Microsoft offer a solution for "Error 1606" on the following - run the Fix it program offered, if that fails post a question on our site for a tech to help you. Does MS NET Framework in Win XP have any function for home user? .NET is a library of functions that many developers use to write software. If it is not on a computer on which you choose to run the program it will not function. Therefore you MUST have it installed. Where to find online volunteering opportunities available for a newbie? A lot depends on what sort of volunteering opportunities you are looking for. Perhaps google would be a good place to start your search? Win XP & NET Framework: is it a browsing app? I want to eliminate it! .net framework is on your system to allow many Microsoft programs to run correctly. I have Fix It utilities, but computer still slow, Why? You probably have a virus or spyware infection. Check for that first.......... 2003 slow to load Check that you have a machine free of spyware infection. If you do ... open a detailed question. Outlook 2003 slow to load Check that you have a machine free of spyware infection. If you have a clean machine then open a detailed question. Computer wont run DVDs Try running a cleaning CD to clean the lenses. It may be that the drive is partially dead though. The JPG extension refers to what kind of file? What is a print queue? In Office 2010 Excel, how can I make the home tab my default? Right click on the ribbon and de-select "minimise". Can you stack external hard drives on top of each other? As long as they are in an external disk carrier making them protected. Any easy way to install a router so it will work? If this article doesn't help, please fill in a ticket here on the site: I receive message: "CMOS ckecksum error". Replace the CMOS battery on motherboard. I am trying to download iTunes, but can't break out of a loop. Can you give me a valid link please? Please try the following link: Can I use two versions of Google at the same time on my monitor? Yes, if you switch to tabbed browsing. See this link: What is 000000048? Upgrade ME to XP. I install over ME or new Hard Drive? Reformat the hard drive then install XP. How to delete sound from a video (.mov or MP4) file? Imtoo MPEG Encoder, import video files, Disable Audio option in the right setting area, just check True, audio removed but not free. Free ones - or Why does my monitor make screeching sounds when on a white screen? Your monitor is starting to die. Replace it. If I install a USB 3.0 card wil that give me a working USB 3.0 port? Not at this time. Windows 8 will support USB 3.0 when it comes out. There are rumors that Win 7 SP2 will carry the needed updates to allow Win7 to utilize USB 3.0. Save AVG updates? After how much times should i make program updates of an antivirus program? A week is good enough but if you change the settings to auto update then you will not have to worry and always have the latest definitions installed. Where to download a trial version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit? There is no trial version available for download at this time. Microsoft are the only legitimate source of such downloads. How to recover windows password? Use google for help. Due to password protected stolen laptops surfacing we cannot for legal reasons help you. Which is the best free antivirus software at present? Does privacy software like easy-hide-ip do any good, or is a router better? At the end of the day neither will fully protect your privacy since your ISP will still have full information. Best to do only things you are happy to be seen doing. On privacy issue below-how do I otherwise stop ads/pop-ups on my computer? Scan for and remove all spyware and virus infections. Then regularly scan with and update the protection software. Fresh install Windows if problems remain. How do I start my PC w.o. it beeping once in the DOS mode (have 2 HDs) This is NOT DOS Mode, it is the BIOS. The ONLY way to do this is to disconnect the speaker. This is not recommended since the BIOS uses the speaker to signal BOOT errors as a sequence of beep I have Avast free and Comodo firewall installed.Am i safe as home user? Yes, as long as you update Avast regularly and stay away from questionable websites. No one is 100% safe, but you are as close to 100% as you can get. iIs Maftoox Antivirus a good antivirus? It has received fairly good reviews and is on a par with AVG Free. Does Microsoft Security Essentials remove all malware? No one scanner will remove all malware, use Anti-Malware in conjunction with MSE: New computer, password wont work, help to open laptop A laptop without a password is often stolen. Please go back to the person you bought it from and ask them. I hI ve Bitdefender 2011..How necessary is it to upgrade to 2012 ver Entirely up to you: How to transfer Thunderbird emails, etc to Outlook 2010 quickly and easily? A public computer has no security software.What precaution should i use? Use this public PC to look up items on the internet, view web pages, and check your favorite teams scores, but do NOT use this public PC for ANY transactions with ANY personal info. Can i use "Epson Stylus TX121 " printer to print digital photos? Yes you can. Product details at the following link Can i print photos with "HP Photosmart C4388" printer? Yes you can but please note that HP have discontinued sales of this printer. What software is easy to use and can get data off an HDD. ... but click on EN in the top right corner if the site loads in German. Disable Win Messenger in XP? See this link: Is it possible to sync Outlook (folders, etc) between 2 computers? Are there any advantages to upgrading from Win XP to Win 7? Windows XP is about to be unsupported and except for security upgrades will not have support from Microsoft. IF YOUR COMPUTER HARDWARE WILL SUPPORT IT,Windows 7 it is an essential upgrade. Avast or AVG what is the best free AntiVirus I personally recommend AVGFree but it is down to personal preference as both have good reputations. This might help: Is "soluto" a safe download and is it usefull The program has been rated good on CNET so it is certainly worth a try: What is error 1068 Will Microsoft LifeCam Cinema work with AOL AIM 5.9, or need update? See the MSKB article at How to Send an email in Thunderbird 11. Does MacKeeper really work? Up till now my preferred choice has always been CleanMyMac but for the price this "new kid" looks very good and for the price has a lot of features I would change and go for it so YES Are the motherboards on all Dell C400 laptops compatible? They are compatible to a point. Since C400 computers can be ordered with multiple features, peripherals, and processors One may or may not be able to directly replace another. MS Word will not print on Canon780; other sources & test page normal Uninstall the printer & printing programs(s), reboot. Reinstall printer & program(s). What is the best FREE on line storage? Google or Dropbox work well. or Both have the ability to store different kinds of files indefinitely and allow access from virtually anywhere. How do I get my menu back on my newly installed Google Chrome? While in Chrome press the "Alt" key on your keyboard and it will show up. Why does my laptop save a scanned document to my pictures? That is the default "save" location for Windows. You can tell the program to save them somewhere else if you so desire. Is it easy to scan a document and convert to PDF format to save? Yes, your manual that came with your scanner should have all the info needed to enable you to do this. What is the best website to buy custom pcs from? (ie ibuypower) Please review the items in this link: What is pre-BIOS failure ? If you have this post a question to us for one of our Techs to look at. Generally it is a fault with the system occurring before startup checks, the power supply or mother board main areas to look at. Is an administrator user account required on Windows 7 computer? The REAL Admin account is hidden by default. But, all others, can be restricted users. Do you help with virus removal from my computer? Yes, we can. You'll need to fill out a ticket with some specs and a few more details so we can better help you with this. My hp 5600 printer went offline. How can I get it online? When a printers starts acting up, the VERY first thing to do is uninstall the printer and ALL its programs from your PC, reboot, then reinstall like you did the first day you owned the printer. Besides the fasterfox addon is there a way to speedup firefox startup? Yes there is. Try Speedyfox. This program optimizes the SQL databases inside Firefox to make it start faster. Chrome crashes(or at least fakes it) when downloading files, any help? Try uninstalling Chrome, rebooting, then reinstalling with a new installation file from Google. How do I get the program off my computer which is slowing it down? The EASIEST way is to run a system restore back to a day BEFORE this program showed up. In Windows 7, where is the "Run" command on the start menu, as in XP? The easiest way to the Run command is using the Win Key + R buttons. This opens up the Run command instantly. How do you "clean" out a system other than files, cookies, history? How do I get rid of Babylon? How do i play 2 videos at same time side by side synchronized? Please either refer to this thread or take a look at a program called Avisynth. How can I tell for sure if I have a virus on my computer? Generally, run a good-quality anti-virus software (some free ones are Avira, AVG, or Avast!). These will catch most viruses. If you have a specific symptom or issue, then please open a ticket. Is there a battery in the Dell Inspiron 518 tower? How do I changed my unsecured wireless internet back to secured? How do i use Outlook Express? Search on Google for "Outlook Express user manual" and you will find several pdf manuals available to guide you. Where can I find a manual for mcp61pmgm c1.8676 gateway motherboard. A Search for this results in no manual though Google responds with many links to the board itself. It is probably best to contact Gateway (now via What is nginx ? nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server. Details at this link Adobe flash player installed but doesnt run. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from your Control Panel/Add Remove Programs or Programs and Features, Depending on your version of Windows. Reboot when finished and try reinstalling Adobe Flash again. Desktop icons began ending in .lnk, why? Now cant open them. A .lnk file is a shortcut or link file. It links to a file in some other location on your computer. That the shortcut no longer works normally means that the linked file has been moved. Can my computer be hacked if its off? No, it cannot be accessed if the power is off. How can I open a ".wdb" file that I saved on a floppy disc years ago? This is a Microsoft works Database file. Please see for instructions on how to open it. Can I re-install iTunes without losing my songs? Backup your music BEFORE the reinstall, just in case. Then, you cannot lose your music. How can the Bookmarks in PMac IBM 10.4.11 be transfered to MBP 10.7 Copy the Bookmarks.plist file from Home Directory/Library/Safari. to a different location (usb), install the new system and then copy the file Bookmarks.plist in to the same folder in the new system How can I stop PriceGong from continually popping up on my screen? Charge Tablet and use or always plugged in better for battery life? Allowing a NiCad battery to run down completely WAS considered he best practice to maintain battery life. Now with Lithium Ion batteries it makes little difference if it is always plugged in or not. How can I clean up registry errors on my computer/ Simple answer would be to use a product such as ccleaner from - and select registry then analyse and fix. But it depends on the errors you find and if you need more help Is it true you can put a PCI sound card in a PCI-e slot? No, this cannot be done. A PSIe card has a different form-factor than a regular PCI card. Has anyone had a problem installing the program? is a video downloader and we are not aware of any problems with its installation or use. It appears to have a good reputation ... Internet Explorer is taking over a minute to open. Why? See this link for more info: My computer is a mess can you help?? I am sure we can but in order to do so you will need to open a detailed question giving as much information as possible so that our Technicians can assess your challenge. I have Norton 360 version 6.2.x.x. Do I need additional protection? With the latest anti virus product installed on your machine AND you keep it up to date with the latest virus signatures AND you are cautious about sites you visit, files you open etc you should be ok Can you help someone learn to use a software program called Yardi? Have a look here: How can I take my mp3 music and add them to my Ipod or Itunes library? Please see this link for more information: I keep getting a message saying your windows its not gunuine. it's likely that your copy of Windows was not properly activated. To fix this, click the notification and follow the steps to repair Windows or post a question for our techs to help you Is there anyway around Windows 7 logon when password is forgotten Yes there is but for legal reasons (many forgotten passwords relate to stolen laptops) this type of question is beyond the scope of our service. How to backup my computer to a external hard drive Purchase and use backup software and designate the external drive as the target, keeping in mind that it is no more reliable than any other mechanical hard drive. What type of anti virus protection do you recommend? Microsoft Security Essentials has been winning the free program category for a while now. Symantec's Norton AV wins the paid version category. Windows 7 doesnt recognize me as administrator. How do I change that? Here's how to change your user account type in Win7: account-type-change.html How to print color screens in black&white, to save on expensive ink? Please follow the directions here: Can I install windows on a MacBook Pro?If so how? With Intel-based Mac using OS X v10.5 or later you can use Boot Camp Assistant which is located in /Applications/Utilities make sure you install the latest updates available for your Mac first Monitor is black, green light flashes This means that the monitor has power but it is not receiving a video signal from the computer. So first step .. check your video card. Second step .. open a detailed ticket for our help. Can windows 7 write a CD-RW that will be readable by XP? Yes, if you are using the correct media and burn the CD correctly. How can I tell if a program on my computer is an antivirus, antispywar Go to and look up the name of the program in question. You'll know in just a few minutes of reading if it is a antivirus or antispyware program, or exactly whay it is. How can I get rid of a rootkit virus in windows 7? Different approaches and really no single full-proof method but formatting the drive and completely re-installing the operating system is the recommended answer My computer is so slow and have to wait untill it unfreezes You may be experiencing the effects of spyware or a virus infection. Removal can take a few steps so you may like to open a question in our system so that we can give you detailed help. How do I fix "Microsoft jscript compilation error? Download and install the latest version of java from the link: If this fails, see this link: HP f1503 monitor menu keeps popping up. Solution? It sounds like there is a fundamental hardware defect with the monitor. Please take it to qualified repair technician and let him offer advice. How do I open Registry to search for and delete some files? On your Start menu, go to Run, then type in "regedit" without the quotes and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Just remember, there is no "undo" button when using regedit. Why do my laptop speakers crackle when I listen to something? This would appear to be a hardware problem. Since this is a laptop you should probably seek the advice of a qualified laptop repair company. Where can I find a free, simple to use, fax program to download? Try the Google search: Are there still free internet services in the us? Generally not as a public service. You will find some free wireless Internet but not as a Metropolitan Area Network. Some cities intend to offer this but we wait for deployment. How do i become a tech support volunteer for this site? Log into your account @ protonic and go here: Lost HP Photosmart Essential in move items box This can be found at the HP site under "Photosmart Essentials). It can also be reinstalled from the disk you received with your printer. How can I check a Vista Desktop for improper internet browsing? Look at for a history of sites visited download tool, also check the temp folder on the computer and cookies files, but you may not see it all if hidden Is there any way to tell if my memory is bad? You can download this program and make a bootable CD of it. Leave the CD in the drive and reboot to the CD. It will test the RAM and tell you if it fails. Is removing and re-installing IE8 on XP pc easy to do? It is not really easy but the site at: should give you the solution. Whats the default English font on windows 7? The default font when it is first installed is Segoe UI 9pt, not bold, not italic. (All the settings in a default Win7 or Vista machine will be Segoe UI 9pt.) Cant get sound on my computer. Can you help? You have to ensure the correct device drivers are installed for the sound card in the computer. You need to find out the manufacturer of your sound card and download the drivers according to the specs How do I open/access/use paint.NET? Are there keyboards with big keys like on some telephones? Yes, there are many of these available. Here you go: this link leads to a google search that will show you lots of different keyboards with oversized keys and many sellers How to get a new IP address on my startup,with Windows XP? Left click Start menu, left click run. In the open box type command and press enter. At the DOS prompt, type the command IPCONFIG /renew to acquire a new IP address. Is it safe and simple to use the restore in windows XP? Yes it is safe to use. The catch is, depending on how far back you choose to restore, you MIGHT lose some files in the process. Files such as emails, word docs, and other such files. How to turn off google double click How much does it cost for a store to change a video card £? This is a task you can easily tackle yourself. Please fill out a ticket and well happily give you step by step instructions. How can I recover photos that were deleted from my memory card? How to reformat an MacBook then install Snow Leopard Is the MAXTOR one touch 4 plus a modem? No, it is an external hard drive. How to get incoming emails in gmail to show in thunderbird my default I want to learn Web Design. What is my first step? Where do I begin? Search on Google for free tutorials to learn html and css. If you understand those core skills you will be able to move on to more. Can I delete framework 2 & 3 service pack 2 & keep 3.5? No, these libraries are needed for different programs you have installed to run correctly. Will USB 3 work plugged in to my USB 2.0 port? Yes it will, but the data will fall back to USB 2.0 speed. Can I replace a $60/year Skype VOIP number with a free Google number? This is possible by following the directions at: How do I sync my iphone on more than one computer? Is there any freeware programs that will fix all registry errors? The short answer to this is "no". There are many different registry scanners out there and each of them will find what other programs will not. If you decide to use such a program, use it carefully. How do I get rid of exclamation marks next to iTunes songs? The problem and solution are discussed in the following thread. Do you advise changing to IE9? You can upgrade to IE9 if you are using Win Vista or Win 7. If you are using Win XP, youre out of luck. Microsoft is not allowing this for XP. Please read through this link: While installing drivers for smartphone, MTP driver fails. Any ideas? in Fire Fox, how do you limit the number of tabs to be closed The answer is at: and at: Looking for a great anti virus software. All the well known products are great. They all work but none is perfect, they all let something through. The free versions are good enough for proper protection. Can Internet Explorer 9 be safely removed from Vista and re-installed? Yes have a look at the Microsoft site to see how:- how do I send someone a link from my website to add to their website Highlight the address of your site in the explorer bar, Copy it (ctrl +C) and then paste it (ctrl +v)in to the email you send them. They then do the same on the web page it is to go on to. How can I reopen a closed ticket? The only way to reopen a ticket is by using the links in the bottom of the email you received when that ticket was closed. Option 2 is to open a new ticket and reference the closed ticket number. Can i plug a powered device, eg printer, into a powered USB Hub? Yes. you can do this without any problem. Can I uninstall iTunes and still maintain files after a reinstall? Follow the directions here: Your music folder should contain a backup folder that is updated every time you sync iTunes. is there a defrag for the mac os please let me know! you could use a tool like iDefrag - OSX will automatically, in background, defragment files under 20mb in size. Files over 20mb are never defragmented. Where is the best place to locate somone who can fix code? Perhaps you would like to explore one of the on-line sites that match projects to coding professionals. The following is an example How can I prevent some programs from loading automatically on startup If you download and install ccleaner from there is an option to stop some programs at startup in the tools section and its easy to use the product rather than changing registration How can I continue to use Hotmail? As far as I have read Microsoft is not discontinuing Hotmail but has expanded it and calls it Outlook Mail. Hotmail users who want to stick with Hotmail can do so withouty problems. Whats the replacement with spell-check for NotePad ? For windows you have several choices - ones you pay for such as Microsoft Word, or free ones such as Libra office or Open office - all ofer spelling checks. Plus they offer much more than notepad. Is it possible to trace a virus/malware to the URL it came from? It is but an individual user does not have the resources or global reach in order to do this. The process is very difficult and requires the ability to process huge amounts of data. What's the best way to image a new notebook before regular use? The best is a commercial program TrueImage (,. However there are 7 free programs at: How can I get spell check in Outlook Express? It is faded out Spell Check in OE is only available if you have Microsoft Word installed on the same computer. Another solution: Should I buy Windows 8? If you have no particular reason for doing so then the answer is No. You may like to give more details and open a question ticket though, if you are running XP perhaps an upgrade is good. i get a message "virtual memory is low" but i have 2 GB of memory. Virtual Memory is NOT RAM memory allocated Disk Memory that is paged into and out of RAM. You will get this message if you do not allow enough of your disk to the Swap File. Has anyone figured out what to do about a sticking cursor in Win 7? This is not a common event. It may be the effect of spyware. Best to open a dedicated ticket and we will help find out. Does a youtube video need a video_ts folder before burning to dvd disc It all depends on the video player you will use and what formats that will support. youtube videos are commonly saved as either a .fla or .mp4 ... will your player support those formats? How do I know if I have an updated driver for Windows 7? If you have upgraded to windows 7 you can find out through "Windows Update" in Control Panel. Also you can get updated drivers from the website of each of the manufacturers of each peripheral. What's needed for Win8 pro upgrade from Win 8 on a new computer? All you need is the proper CD Key for the Pro Version upgrade through Control Panel "Anytime Upgrade". This can be obtained via the Microsoft site or from any retailer. What to do when my Explorer is taking over, forcing me to use Firefox Uninstall Firefox with a utility such as Revo Uninstaller. My laptop stops charging when powered on. Will a new battery help? Perhaps, however since a new battery is quite expensive you should perhaps have it looked at by a person where you purchase the battery to eliminate a problem with the computer's charging circuit. How do I uninstall the toolbar and Go to the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features section of the Control Panel and remove them, or go here: Is there a marwear for MAC users for free Best Free Mac Software -,2817,2369643,00.asp - gives a good guide to free products for your computer How do I quickly copy contacts from one Gmail account to another? You need to export from one gmail account to a local disk and then import in to the new account - - reverse this and select import to other account How can I synch my Gmail calendar with my Outlook 2010? This is no longer supported for free Gmail accounts. Details at the following link Took a video, when viewed is sideways. Is there a way to rotate it? The page at: shows you just how to do it. How do I make my default email Take a look at this You may need to open a detailed ticket since there are different ways to understand your need. Can a virus still get on a DVD rom disk while burning a movie? Yes. Indeed many viruses are designed to install on any removable media. If you are infected it can happen and act as a vector to infect others. How can I save my Picasa albums to another computer? Review the various solutions found here:!topic/picasa/X57yQGsCD4k, taking special note of the very good solution mentioned by user Robert Brown. Battery indicates fully charged but computer dies when mains are off This seems to suggest that you have a defective battery. It is suggested that you test using a different battery. Is there a removal tool available for ConduitSearch? this toolbar/ malware software needs to be removed slightly differently depending on the browser you use as we can not see which browser you have please open a ticket for more help. What is the best browser to use with XP Google chrome is the fastest, Internet explorer works well with XP as a Microsoft product, firefox, safari are good, support for xp ends in 2014 except for google will continue to support chrome I lost an exel file after a restore; how can I recover it? The best tool I know and use is - Recuva it recovers files deleted from your Windows computer for FREE - What is Strongvault? Is it a virus? StrongVault is not a virus itself but it is related to malware. Details at this link Can I use an adapter on my DVI port to use a second monitor? Yes - Have a look at Will Micorsoft Release service pack 4 when they end support for XP The simple answer from Microsoft today was - There will NOT be a Windows XP SP4 - they prefer you move to newer versions of windows - so no new development on XP exists to that level remove windows 8.1 password start This link tells you how and so does this video How do I turn off my antivirus program? Where do I find it? Often you right click the icon in the system tray and then Disable. But this is really not a good idea. Perhaps you should open a ticket to explore this further. I have used microsoft MSE as my AV for some time now , how good is it? You identify no objective measure ... MSE is good, most of the protection programs are. No program gives perfect protection. What is best free AV, MSE, Avast or AVG It all depends on what you desire. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. A Google or Bing search for "Antivirus Reviews" should tell you which is the best for you. What risk in fixing all items shown after Registry scan in CCleaner? No risk at all. The items listed are all Orphaned Links so they are not used. This is not like a more invasive registry cleaner which works rather differently and best avoided. What format does USB need to save photos. Most cameras save photos in JPG format. However, any storage media attached to any USB port will allow you to store photos in ANY format. Should a USB be formatted in FAT32 or NTFS to show pics on any media? Go with the FAT32 format. Way less issues this way. Windows 7 Backup, does it backup Favorites & saved email? Yes as long as you configure it in that manner. By default it is so configured. How to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer to FireFox Have a look at the step by step guide at - if you struggle after that post a question on our site and one of our techs will help What is the best free spyware program? There really is NO BEST one. It all depends on what OS you are using and what you need. The website at: should be of great help. I need a cure for CRYPTO Virus The page at: gives many cures for it. Usually one or another will do it. Is is safe to uninstall HP Active Support Library? Yes it is. Is it safe to uninstall HP Photoshop Essential? Yes it is. Using Windows 8, which control key(s) allow you choose the boot sequence? Look here: Is it safe to delete the Old Firefox Dataxxx folder from desktop? Yes it is, as long as you are sure it is not being used. Best to rename it first and reboot, if Firefox still works then, yes, delete it. Do I have to pay for this? No. Protonic has always been, and will always be, free of charge. I do not like windows 8. Can I install windows 7 from a new CD? Are there still free website builders with no ads? No. All the free websites support themselves by having ads run on your pages. Can the font size be changed in a pdf document? PDF documents can only display the contents so no changes can be made without copying the text to another document and then editing in another format. You can however zoom in to see the content Are there any free DNS Providers for home use? There are. OpenDNS is probably the most well known, information here Some others are here Should I run "quick scan", "full scan", or both in Malwarebytes, ? Run a full scan and you will be assured of being thorough. If you are pressed for time but suspect a problem then run a quick scan. Can I install Ubuntu and still keep access to win-XP? If so, how? The page at: gives written instructions and the page at is a video telling how. I have down loaded several versions of CCleaner Can I safely DELETE earlier Versions Yes you do not need older versions on your system for it to work. Automatically when you update it deletes the older versions. Updates are a better way of keeping the system fresh Is it a good idea to download and use a free windows boot cd-rom? It would be illegal to use a "free" version of windows from the net - it is to buy from Microsoft. But if you have a legal copy of windows on your computer you can make a bootable disk from the system Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for windows 8.1? Here are some keyboard shortcuts:!NbXit Will creating a spanned volume from 2 disks cause all data to be lost? Please see the description of spanned volumes at: Can you upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 using Windows Wpdate? You can download the free update from the Windows Store more details here at - I keep getting survey pop ups when I go to sites Depending on your Internet browser you can usually switch these off or stop them - tools and internet options - pop up blocker - failing that free products are available search through the Internet Should straight or crossover cable be used between new router & modem? A straight thru cable would normally be used. Just check that you are using the correct port on the router. If you get stuck please open a ticket and give details ... Do you support Windows 8.1 over Windows 7? Win 8 and 8.1 have not been well received. Win 7 is still being sold because people are not warming up to Win 8. Go with what YOU like best. I'm asking quickie questions but not receiving any answers back yet. "Quickies" are answered within one day with a short answer. Like this one. :) Where did you move the download page? We found that is was better to get your downloads directly from the source. How do I stop AVG PC Tuneup pestering me to buy their program? Since it is a "Try before you Buy" the only way to do this is to purchase their program. There are many similar programs that are free have no nags. Use "Ask a Question" on this site for for more. How do i uninstall the torntv V10 You will find a description and removal instructions in the following link If you need further assistance please open a detailed question. Is the Adobe Flash Player update safe? Yes, Adobe Flash Player is safe at the moment. But, as soon as the hackers have figured a hack for it, Flash Player could be deemed unsafe. As always, keep your anti virus program updated. What is IE on Windows and how do you disable it IE is Internet Explorer, a web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Browsers allow you to explore the web. To disable it check out: How can I stop mail from automatically going to my junk mailbox? Whichever email program you are using, you'll need to check the junk filters and adjust them to stop this. If this doesn't help, please take out a ticket so that we can give you a more verbose answer. Is there a app or program that will add sounds to windows 8 all at onc At this time, there is no app or program to do this. However, have a look here: customize-sound-scheme-used-your-computer I'm not receiving my answers from my quickie questions? Check your spam mail and make sure you do not have protonic mail black listed. Hopefully, you received this one. How can I tell if Ubuntu is up to date on my computer? GUI method: System > Administration > Update Manager. Click "Check". Or, In a terminal type: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -y -s safe-upgrade What do you think of comodo ice dragon browser It's good. You may want to try several--Whitehat Aviator is quite secure, and Epic Browser provides speed and security features. Best Clone software Clonezilla, Aomei Backupper, Macrium Reflect, EaseusToDo Visit My computer takes to long to boot up. Try this FREE product: Can you link 4 wire case fans in series? No. If they were wired in series the wrong voltage would be delivered to each and if in parallel 1 wire carries a signal relaying Fan RPM and the other allows the Motherboard to control speed. Internet Explorer, how to cancel asking for security certificates Visit the site at for how to do it. Run Quicken Medical Expense Mgr. on Windows 8.1 ? Quicken stopped this program in 2007 so NO it will not run in windows 8 but may in fact work using compatability mode right click select Properties click the Compatibility tab Hello. Does anyone anyone have any information about a program called Zenmate? ZenMate encrypts and secures your connection. It protects your internet privacy while browsing. How do I delete a corrupted and unreadable folder? This program will fix this for you: How do I add a web site to compatibility view in IE? Please follow the directions give in this link: Hi, is it possible to move "hyberfil.sys" to another drive? Nope-- Why would you keep it? Hibernation takes resources--delete it. The computer should be booting in 30 seconds. Selecting "No Sounds" in Control Panel does not eliminate sounds. If you want to completely silence your system you can simply click the volume icon and then select Mute. Can I run a Vista laptop hard drive on an HP windows 8.1by a usb port? No, Vista doesn't have a Windows-to-Go feature. But Windows 7 and higher, yes! How? What is netengine.exe? Do I need it as a process on my computer? netengine.exe is adware so you do not need it. If you scan with your anti spyware software it should be removed. Is running a VPN within a virtual machine w/ NAT insecure? No, the security of the VPN host and the servers in use would determine the security. The security would = or perhaps be better than simple VPN use by the host. Will Windows Defender run on Windows XP? Please see the information at: Should you use a 64 bit browser with a 64 bit operating system? Yes it would result in faster browsing. However you can, and SHOULD use the latest version of any browser be it 32 bit or 64 bit for the most security. Will external drive compatible with Win8 be compatible with Win10? Yes. It is more of a hardware issue than a software issue. Windows 10 is a software upgrade so any hardware that supports it now will support it under Windows 10. Current free firefox extension similar to what coolpreviews ext did Don't we wish! I never realized how much I used the extension until one day it vanished. I think there is Swift Preview for Chrome. Stardock may be making an extension for a few dollars--pure rumor. When is using indexing on external drive useful or is it? It's a matter of debate; some users like turning indexing off for a perceived performance gain. I don't use indexing; I prefer "Everything" by Void Tools. Where can I get a Moto G Lollipop 5.0.2 user guide or manual? A great place to start is at this URL: Can I download antivirus software without it competing w/preloaded one? No. You have to uninstall the preloaded AV first, then install the new. Should i upgrade from windows 8 to windows 10 Preview? IMHO--absolutely not. Windows 10 Preview and the final release of Windows 10 will continue to have problems for at least six months. If you would like to use a Virtual Machine, it's fine. Cyberfox or Chrome? Your opinion. Chrome repeatedly trounces FF/Mozilla-based browsers. Best bet is to have both of them installed and make your decision based on usage. Is Windows Defender still the best protection for Windows 10? As of this moment, there are no third-party anti virus programs that will work with Windows 10. In the meantime, keep Defender updated, so you will have AV protection. Reset Numlock ON as default start in Windows 10 This is set in the BIOS of most computers. Consult your computer's manual to see how to access BIOS settings. How can I prevent Microsoft's offer to download win 10 when I boot up? where can I get windows 10 themes? will windows 8 themes work? There are many at: . Some Windows 8 themes will work but it is best to get those for Windows 10." Windows 10 mail wont work can you sugest a replacement app . Simple answer would be to use thunderbird which is free. But you can post a question and one of our techs will look at why your mail is not working with you Since Windows 10, my second internal hard drive is not recognized I would perform a clean install, but here are some options: How can I change the IP address of a router (also DHCP addresses)? Many ISPs allow a static IP address and yours may. If that is he case you need to contact them. Otherwise your IP is changed periodically on a rotational basis. In this case you cannot change it. What content blocker works on iPad 4 with iOS 9? Here's a starting point, but I think "Peace" may have been pulled from the store. Looking for a recording device for Samsung TV with Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with the Samsung Monitors remote. The Anynet+ system can usually be used only with Samsung devices, but Samsung TVs sometimes are able to use devices like the Amazon Fire TV and see it as an Anynet+ device. can someone tell me where i can download kodi v14 not v14.2 or higher What is the last version of java available for Mac Power PC? Go to and let it detect the version you have and let it install the one it recommends. How to make Windows Live work on Windows 10. It works well on Windows 10. I have it on my Windows 10 computer and it works well. Go to live/essentials and download the installer and install it. Why cant I get the Windows 10 update? "Not Ready" Waiting a long time for it to be ready is not unusual, MS is staging its release. Its at download/windows10. Our help page is at . Best FREE registry cleaner? CCleaner just doesnt clean deep enough RegSeeker SlimCleaner Free for general files, etc. Are there any functional reasons to leave an empty key in the registry None of which I know: However, there is considerable debate on the efficacy of deleting the keys. How do I remove iTunes from my Windows 10 PC You should simply be able to do it via Start (button) Settings / type "Control panel" in the box on the top right. Then "Programs and Features" Delete from there. If this does not work please post a Ticket. How to default e-mails to Html in Outlook 2013 converts to text\ In the message window, click Format Text > HTML. see format-to-HTML-Rich-Text-Format-or-plain-text-338a389d-11da-47fe-b693-cf41f792fefa How do you hide sidebars on a netbook to read text without scrolling? You can usually put the page in and out of "Kiosk Mode" by pressing the "f11" key. This may not remove the bar it will improve things. The size of a page is only able to be changed by the sites author.If you have a laptop, you MAY be able to resize the page by "pinching" the Touchpad. See your manual on how to "pinch". Do you advise on updating to Windows 10 now? Please see our Windows 10 guide at . Also Personally I feel that windows 10 is good at this point and if you have a Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 computer that is relatively new you can upgrade. How to secure my PDF documents - against copying, printing, etc. If you have a copy of the full version of adobe acrobat - before saving the file - Select Document > Security > Restrict Opening and Editing - enter the password and then save the file - you will then need the password to open or edit - depends on what you set at the last stage How to disable touchpad on HP Pavilion notebook? Open the Control Panel, then go to System > Device Manager. Navigate to the Mouse Option, right click on it, and click Disable. Having trouble changing themes in Win 7, 64bit. Is the upgrade version of Windows 10 the same as a new computer? Most probably it is. It all depends on when the computer was produced. If it was produced before the upgrade was released in November The upgrade version is newer. The newest version is 1511 Build 10586.104 Best Wireless Driver for IBM Thinkpad T41 2273-7FU (WinXP Pro SP3)? One needs to find drivers by make/model of wireless card, not by computer make/model. From the information given, one can go to Lenovo support and find the original drivers--several are offered: Is there any need/point to install .NET if you dont need it Yes, install NetFramework and keep it updated. Many, many programs require it, but users won't ever know unless they are extremely astute at programming. Later version of Windows have NetFramework listed in Features, not Programs. Do you have a tel number for Microsoft to comment on software problems If you go to the web site and select contact us - each country has a different method of contact and some do not give out a number - others do. But there is a email address and contact details depending on the service you are looking for. What do you think about the Vivaldi browser ? This browser is still in Beta. As a rule we do not recommend Beta software. As to what we think of it, that is a personal decision, It seems safe and configurable. I would say..once it is in production release Try it. You may like it. Better to rip dvd to harddrive then external OR dvd to external? Usg a good ripping program the results will be the same. Please give me a reference about Smart Phones. Can they operate alone? Can smart watches be operated alone? Does it need other device to work Where can I find guidelines to clean and protect a Windows 7 laptop? How do I get Google homepage to show in Mozilla Firefox? In Mozilla Firefox, click the "Tools" menu from the menu bar at the top of the homepage. Under the "Tools" menu, select "Options.” On the options screen, select "General" from the menu options along the top of the screen. Within the "General" screen next to "Home Page," enter "" to set Google as your homepage. Im searching for a computer. Do you give opinions?,2817,2372609,00.asp Should I be purchasing added protection from McAfee & Avira? Unless you are very careless as to what sites you visit on the internet and open and install evrything you see, it should not be necessary to add protection. Personally I have NEVER needed anything more than the tools offered by WIndows. Do you recommend an an antivirus program to replace Defender W10 ? Windows Defender is very good IF you practice "Safe Computing". If however you visit unsafe sites, open every attachment that is sent you from unknown sources, install every program you find, visit sites that have a great deal of popups etc., There is NO AV that will protect you. Personally I use Windows Defender only and have NEVER had a problem. How to disable winsat in Windows 10? To turn it off: Start > Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) Find Task Scheduler (Local) Task Scheduler Library Microsoft > Windows > Maintenance Right click WinSAT Select disable.


Foxit Reader 8.0 Introduces ConnectedPDF Collaboration, Adds Touch Mode Support A long time favorite for Adobe Reader users who were looking for an alternative, Foxit Software has unveiled Foxit Reader 8.0, the latest version of its PDF viewer and creator for Windows PCs. The reader, renowned for its lightweight and speedy nature, introduces support for Foxit’s new online ConnectedPDF Document Management System.

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New Linux Lite Is a Powerhouse Distro in Disguise Linux Lite 3.0 is anything but what its name implies. It is a full-featured operating system that lets you get down to serious business right out of the box.

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Plex Media Server 1.0 Is Out Plex Media Server enables you to run a media server on a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux, or on various NAS systems including those offered by Netgear, Synology or QNAP.

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Improve laptop battery life by switching from Chrome to Firefox Google Chrome has earned legions of fans over the years, but it has a reputation. Every so often we hear that the browser consumes more than its fair share of RAM and power, and now there's a new piece of proof.

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What's the best Windows uninstaller? Standard Windows uninstallers often leave your PC cluttered with unwanted files, orphaned Registry keys and assorted other leftovers. You could try to avoid this issue with a third-party uninstaller, which scans your system to find and remove everything the regular uninstaller has missed. There’s just one problem. How do you know your uninstaller works?

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5 No-Coding Tools to Build a Personal Web Site for Free You already represent yourself in various ways on the web, be it your social networks or your company’s profile. But no matter who you are or what you do, it’s time to have a single portfolio online. The good news is that you don’t need any coding skills to make a beautiful personal site.

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The Most Popular Free Anti-Ransomware Tools With the different types of ransomware emerging and evolving on a daily basis, a need for better protection against such viruses arises. A more specific kind of protection is always necessary, in addition to any anti-malware tools. The following article is going to introduce you to anti-ransomware tools that are free and work well.

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Crypto-ransomware attacks increase five fold Ransomware has become a big problem in recent years, particularly crypto-ransomware, which encrypts data on users' systems. New research by Kaspersky Lab looking at how it’s evolved over the last two years points to just how big.

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Which browser is the fastest? Which browser is the fastest? When Google introduced Chrome, one area the company put a lot of emphasize on was performance. Google ran benchmarks regularly showing that the browser's performance was way better than that of other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer which were dominating the landscape at that time. Today, Chrome is the leading browser used by many, but is it the fastest?

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Use Powerline Adapters as an Alternative to Wireless Routers When Wi-Fi alone can’t manage your streaming-media needs, a network using your home’s electrical wiring can often help. HomePlug AV2 MIMO powerline networks—the latest and fastest version of the HomePlug standard—are fast and easy to set up: You simply plug one adapter into a free power outlet near your router (and connect it to your router with an ethernet cable), and then you plug other powerline adapters into power outlets near the devices you want to add to your network.

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Why You Should Use an Anti-Keylogger for Windows If you have been using a computer long enough, you might have come across a number of suggestions like never try to access your personal or financial information from a public computer or any system that is not yours. One of the reasons for this suggestion is the threat of keylogging where everything you see and type is automatically recorded and sent to a third party without your knowledge.

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Make Avast Antivirus Faster On Windows 10 By Installing Nitro Update Avast is widely known for its Avast Antivirus free for Windows operating system. Millions of Windows 10 users using the free Avast Antivirus to protect their Windows operating system as well as data from malicious threats.

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CCleaner tweaks browser and Windows 10 MRU cleaning routines CCleaner 5.19 starts by promising improved Firefox and Chrome History cleaning, presumably adapting to changes in the most recent versions of both browsers. The new build also optimizes its detection routine for Browser Plugins.

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Windows Diagnostics Tools to Check Your PC’s Health No matter who you are, whether newbie or veteran, your Windows system will eventually run into problems that aren’t so easy to diagnose. When that happens, what will you do?

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Gmail Just Got Better! Back in the day, Gmelius’ biggest feature was that it removed ads from Gmail. Now, it can do a lot more. For example, it blocks email tracking attempts, and lets you “snooze” emails you want to deal with later to get them out of your inbox and have them reappear when you want to see them, and it can schedule drafts to send at a later date and time.

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Best Tech Reviews for 2016 Whether it's a new printer, desktop, laptop, or router, the following reviews should help when making choices for technology products.

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Why Microsoft Windows Is Better than Linux The debate is never-ending. While open source advocates talk endlessly and the Windows vs Linux discussion will go on for ever, about why Linux is superior to Windows, here are the reasons why Microsoft Windows wins over Open Source operating systems.

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5 Reasons to Install Linux on Your Laptop You can choose something other than MacOS or Windows 10 when it comes to an operating system for your computer. If you’re prepared to be a little more adventurous, Linux has plenty of great features that will save you time and make working a little less dull. The best part is that Live Installations allow you to try out the software before you wipe your entire hard drive.

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Top 10 Places to Get Stunning Desktop Wallpaper For some reason, I always find myself changing the wallpaper for a seasonal change or because the one I am using conflicts with my desktop icons. Any reason is somewhat irrational since I may see my wallpaper for five minutes on average. One of my favorite wallpaper sites is the National Geographic online gallery. Other great one exist, however, if one desires some change.

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Ubuntu 16.04 Makes Ubuntu Exciting Again Ubuntu hasn’t had the best reputation among Linux users over the past few years–with some even going so far as to call it “boring”. If you’ve been hesitant to try it out, then hold on to your seats–Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” is not only an exciting release, but one that has the potential to be a game changer for the Linux ecosystem.

Ubuntu first leaped into the Linux world in 2004 and with it, completely changing the face of Linux taking it from the days of “only usable by experienced geeks” to the era of “Linux for Human Beings”. Now, 12 years later, they just might be on the verge of repeating that lightning in a bottle that took it from a brand new small project to becoming the most popular distribution of Linux. Ubuntu 16.04 was released today, and with it comes a ton of improvements throughout the distro. There are many changes that improve the usability and experience

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Microsoft released 16 security bulletins as part of the June 2016 Patch Day of which one, MS16-072, is causing serious issues The security update patches a vulnerability in Windows that could result in elevation of privilege during a man in the middle attack.

The vulnerability could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker launches a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack against the traffic passing between a domain controller and the target machine.

The update changes the security context in which user group policies are retrieved. Previously, group policies were always retrieved by using the user's security context. Starting with the installation of MS16-072, user group policies are retrieved using the computer's security context instead.

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Best tablets of 2016 The review provides a concise review for each tablet considered to be "one of the best." The tablet I chose was the ASUS Transformer T100. It was inexpensive, easily runs Windows 10, lasts 11 hours on a single charge, and has, for me, a mind boggling crystal clear display.

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The 10 Important Google Links for Security and Privacy Google stores everything privately and here are the 10 important links (URLs) that will unlock everything Google knows about you. They are hidden somewhere deep inside your Google Account dashboard and they may reveal interesting details about you that are otherwise only known to Google.

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Xenial Xerus - Ubuntu 16.04 Makes Waves in the Linux Community What is being said: "Unity 7.4 Is the Smoothest Unity Experience Yet"; "Ubuntu Snappy Has Potential to Change the Landscape of Linux"; "GNOME Software Replaces Ubuntu Software Center"

Many users who switched to Linux Mint a number of years ago are coming back to Ubuntu because its been a completely "refreshed" release that makes Linux exciting again.

With the weekend here try the distro on a USB. It may change your computing landscape.

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Linux Mint 18 Sarah Cinnamon – BETA Release Linux Mint 18 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2021. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

“What’s new in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon“.

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Linux Mint 18 Sarah MATE – BETA Release Linux Mint 18 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2021. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

“What’s new in Linux Mint 18 MATE“.

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The Best Free Antivirus Protection for 2016 PC Magazine closely follows Independent Antivirus Lab Test Results and completes its own analysis to find the best, free antivirus suites available. All of the antivirus programs in this collection offer real-time protection against malware attacks. Some take the fight upstream, working hard to ensure you never even browse to a malware-hosting site, or get fooled into turning over your credentials to a phishing site.

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Adobe Flash - Exploit Vulnerability for Third Month in a Row! Another day, another zero-day vulnerability discovered in Flash - one that’s actively being exploited in the wild. The company hasn’t yet released a patch but it’s promising to do so this week. Customers might simply be better off disabling Flash altogether; In fact, Apple, Google and Firefox all appear to agree with that assessment, and the companies have taken steps to have Flash disabled by default in their browsers.

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Refresh Windows program for Windows 10 Refresh Windows is a new program for Windows 10 that enables you to reset Windows by downloading it and installing it on the PC.

Microsoft revealed back in May 2016 that it was working on a new tool to refresh an installation of Windows.

The only built-in option that Windows 10 features prior to this Summer's Anniversary Update is to "reset this PC".

You find the option in the Settings application under Update & Security > Recovery. The feature will reinstall Windows on the machine, and the only option provided is to keep files. The process remove all setings, installed programs and other modifications

All settings, installed programs and other modifications are removed or reset during the process.

Refresh Windows is provided as a standalone application for Windows 10 on Microsoft's website. The program works only on recent Insider Builds and not current stable builds of Windows 10.

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Microsoft fixes critical flaws in Windows, IE, Edge, and Office Microsoft has fixed more than 40 vulnerabilities in its products Tuesday, including critical ones in Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Office.

The vulnerabilities are covered in 16 security bulletins, six of which are marked as critical and the rest as important. This puts the total number of Microsoft security bulletins for the past six months to more than 160, a six-month record during the past decade.

Companies running Windows servers should prioritize a patch for a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft DNS Server component, covered in the MS16-071 bulletin.

Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by sending specifically crafted DNS requests to a Windows Server 2012 or a Windows Server 2012 R2 deployment configured as a DNS server.

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Which Linux Desktop Environment Should You Use? One part of your decision making process is choosing the desktop environment that is right for you.

You can use any of the core distributions such as Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Arch and pretty much every desktop environment is available.

Other Linux distributions take the default desktop environment and customise the settings to provide a richer experience. Examples include Bodhi, Xubuntu and Linux Mint.

This is a guide to the various desktop environments available and the distributions that utilise them.

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The Everyday Linux User Jargon Buster this is a guide to explain as much of the jargon about Linux as possible.

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How To Choose The Best Linux Distro For Your Needs There are hundreds of Linux distributions and according to some people there are too many. I don't subscribe to this theory.

For people new to Linux however it is possibly tricky to know which Linux distro is best for them.

This guide goes through the top Linux distros as listed at and gives a short description of each one as well as a table showing how easy they are to install, who they are for, level of expertise required and the desktop environment that they use.

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Microsoft Security Bulletins June 2016 Martin Brinkmann at gHacks provides an excellent overview of Microsoft's Security Updates for June. Keeping the MS system updated with Security Updates not only improves security against current threats but improves overall performance.

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How to Move Windows from HDD to SSD to Improve Performance I still hear users complaining of "slow" computers after installing more RAM--even up to 12GB--and purchasing the latest Intel i7 chip for speed. Why is the computer still slow? The most likely reason is the HDD which spins in laptops at 5400 RPM and in desktops at 7200 RPM. Such slow spin rates usually equate to Read/Write speeds of around 100 MB/s. When compared to an average SSD Read/Write speed of 500 MB/s, one understands why so many people are switching to the SSD.

One may read articles about SSDs, and they may come across information that SSDs last one year or data loss is a given for an SSD, but the research is consistent: A well-taken care of SSD will outlast the average age of a human.

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Whatever happened to Portable Apps? lets you carry all your favorite apps on a portable device or cloud drive and use them on any PC. Your browser with your bookmarks and extensions, your office suite, your photo editor, your music collection, your games, your development tools and more. Everything you need for work and play with you on every PC you use. Work, home, school, visiting family and friends, even while traveling. And everything stays on your drive, too. Now, every PC becomes your PC. was founded by John T. Haller, the developer behind numerous portable applications including "Portable Firefox" which started the portable software trend.

Portable Apps do not require installation on the "host" computer; they do not leave behind a trace of being used; and they do not change any registry entries or the "host" computer in anyway.

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Giveaway Software - Wise Care 365 PRO offers a variety of high quality programs throughout the year for free; the most recent "giveaway" is a one, full-year license to Wise Care 365 Pro which is one of the better tools for optimizing and cleaning out unwanted, useless files, registry entries, and privacy issues such as browsing history. Using the defaults is the best option for most users during the first run. Yes, some of us use such tools here at Protonic. The offer expires June 21, 2016.

If you are new to the AskVG site, we suggest looking around at some tips and tricks he offers.

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Apple rebrands OS X as 'macOS,' taps upgrade as 'Sierra' Apple today recast OS X as macOS, a name that harked back two decades.

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Microsoft scoops up LinkedIn for $26.2B in cash Microsoft has made a big bet on LinkedIn, announcing Monday that it will spend nearly $26.2 billion in cash to purchase the enterprise-focused social networking and recruiting company.

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Microsoft takes Windows 10 upgrade near nuclear line Pushy, aggressive, deceptive: Yes. But stops short of installing upgrade without any user action

Nuclear or not, the damage is done

In some ways, it does not matter that Microsoft stepped up to, but not across the line: The company has succeeded in alienating, antagonizing and angering portions of its customer base. Twitter hashtags like #upgradegate and #stopwindows10 have appeared, for example; discussion threads fill with accusations of unauthorized upgrades completing; and some make the dangerous recommendation to turn off Windows Update.

In a post-truth world, perception and repetition reign. But Microsoft has only itself to blame.

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How to Send or Receive a Fax Online Yes, it's possible to fax without a machine, thanks to the Internet.

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SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference? Do you like your storage plentiful and cheap, or do you like it fast and safe? Here's how to choose between a traditional hard drive and a solid-state drive in your next PC.

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Here's a sneak peek at what's coming in the next Linux Mint The beta version of Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' made its debut this week, and a final release won't be far behind. Here's a look at what's coming to this popular free and open-source operating system.

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Verizon to offer $3B for Yahoo’s core Internet business Verizon Communications will bid about $3 billion for the Internet assets of ailing Yahoo, according to a newspaper report.

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Petition condemns Windows 10 upgrade practices, asks EFF to investigate The request was launched on, a popular online petition website, and by early Monday had garnered more than 470 signatures.

"Microsoft's practices with their newest operating system, named Windows 10, has been ignorantly unethical at best and malicious at worst," wrote the petition organizer, Todd Kleinpaste, who listed media accounts of the company's upgrade strategy. "Reports everywhere state that people are being tricked or forced into upgrading to Windows 10 from their current, preferred version of Windows." [Emphasis in original.]

While Kleinpaste threw in a kitchen sink's worth of complaints -- not just about the upgrade process but also Windows 10's telemetry settings and Windows Store policies -- the bulk of those signing the petition focused on Microsoft's attempts to get users to upgrade.

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Microsoft continues campaign to shut down stupid software pirates "Microsoft's cyberforensics have identified over one thousand product activations originating from IP address ('the IP Address'), which is presently assigned to Earthlink Inc., and which, on information and belief, is being used by the Defendants in furtherance of the unlawful conduct alleged herein," Microsoft's lawyers wrote in the complaint.

Like many other software vendors, Microsoft uses a product key -- in its case, a 25-character alphanumeric string -- to lock a license to a device. Keys are a core component of Microsoft's anti-piracy technology.

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Windows PC makers hang customers out to dry with flawed crapware updaters Prominent Windows PC makers, including Acer, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, have made "egregious" omissions in the software updaters they bundle with notebooks that leave customers at risk from attack by cyber-criminals, a security firm contended.

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Best Lightweight Linux Distributions For Older Computers In 2016 What do you do with your old computers? The one which once had good hardware configuration but now those are considered outdated. Why not revive your old computer with Linux? I am going to list seven beginner friendly lightweight Linux distributions that you can use on your older PC.

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Linux Lite 3.0 Released... One of the most lightweight Linux distributions, Linux Lite has just announced the release of its latest version 3.0.

It’s been over a month since Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has been released and it was evident that most Linux distributions based on Ubuntu will be releasing their new versions soon. While Linux Mint 18 (will be based on Ubuntu 16.04) is due soon, Linux Lite has released its version 3.0 which is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

Linux Lite is a popular distribution, specially among the beginners. It uses one of the best desktop environments for Linux, XFCE. Using XFCE makes it a suitable choice for low end and older hardware computers. It provides a menu similar to Windows XP in order to make Windows migrants comfortable. A graphical tool for installing software is also provided.

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Maru Os Brings Desktop Linux To Android Phones Being able to run a full desktop on a phone or mobile device has been the dream of geeks for a while.

Ubuntu has tried to accomplish that with the failed Edge project. They are accomplishing it on a smaller scale by creating Ubuntu Mobile for phones and tablets, which shares a code base with desktop Ubuntu.

Microsoft tried to do the something, but with their Windows Phone OS on life support, I doubt it will happen. However, a single developer has succeeded where larger, well-funded teams have failed. The name of the project is Maru OS.

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Manjaro Gaming: Gaming on Linux meets Manjaro’s Awesomeness Gaming on Linux? Yes, that’s very much possible and we have a dedicated new Linux distribution aiming for gamers.

Manjaro Gaming is a Linux distro designed for gamers with the power of Manjaro. Those who have used Manjaro Linux before, know exactly why it is a such a good news for gamers.

Manjaro is a Linux distro based on one of the most popular distro – Arch Linux. Arch Linux is widely known for its bleeding-edge nature offering a lightweight, powerful, extensively customizable and up-to-date experience. And while all those are absolutely great, the main drawback is that Arch Linux embraces the DIY (do it yourself) approach where users need to possess a certain level of technical expertise to get along with it.

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Users abandon sinking Microsoft browser ship at record clip A month after Microsoft ceded the No. 1 browser spot to rival Google, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge hemorrhaged user share at an astounding rate, data released today showed.

IE and Edge combined to account for 38.7% of the global user share -- a stand-in for the percentage of all desktop and notebook PCs that ran those browsers -- in May, according to U.S.-based analytics vendor Net Applications. May's number for IE was down 2.7 percentage points from April, the largest one-month decline since Computerworld began recording browser data in 2005.

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OEM software update tools preloaded on PCs are a security mess Serious vulnerabilities have crept into the software tools that PC manufacturers preload on Windows computers, but the full extent of the problem is much worse than previously thought.Researchers from security firm Duo Security have tested the software updaters that come installed by default on laptops from five PC OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) -- Acer, ASUSTeK Computer, Lenovo, Dell and HP -- and all of them had at least one serious vulnerability. The flaws could have allowed attackers to remotely execute code with system privileges, leading to a full system compromise.

In most cases, the problems resulted from the OEM software updaters not using encrypted HTTPS connections when checking for or downloading updates. In addition, some updaters didn't verify that the downloaded files were digitally signed by the OEM before executing them.

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No, Microsoft hasn't backtracked from zealous Windows 10 upgrade tactics Contrary to scattered reports, Microsoft has not backpedaled from its latest aggressive tactic to boost Windows 10 adoption.

Accounts claiming that Microsoft has only now introduced a new warning dialog are incorrect: That secondary notice has been part of Microsoft's campaign since at least the first week of May -- before word spread about the company's unusual interpretation of a click on the red "X" in the upper-right corner of a notification that a pre-scheduled upgrade to Windows 10 was imminent.

Since at least March 23, and probably as far back as February, Microsoft has been defining a click-the-X as approving the scheduled upgrade, rather than the expected behavior of ignoring the notice and closing the window. Microsoft's interpretation of clicking the X runs counter to its own design rules.

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How to stay on Windows 7 & 8 forever: here's how to stop the Windows 10 upgrade notifications Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, but not a mandatory one. If you don't want to be nagged to update, here's how to stop the Windows 10 upgrade notifications and run Windows 7 or 8 forever.

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Why the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade nanny is now a security nightmare Users are disabling Windows Update, which could spell disaster.

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Flaw in popular WordPress plug-in Jetpack puts over a million websites at risk Owners of WordPress-based websites should update the Jetpack plug-in as soon as possible because of a serious flaw that could expose their users to attacks.

Jetpack is a popular plug-in that offers free website optimization, management and security features. It was developed by Automattic, the company behind and the WordPress open-source project, and has over 1 million active installations.

Researchers from Web security firm Sucuri have found a stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that affects all Jetpack releases since 2012, starting with version 2.0.

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Chinese users blast Microsoft's assertive Windows 10 upgrade op Chinese users have complained about Microsoft's latest aggressive move to get them to adopt Windows 10, according to the news service backed by the country's Communist government.

"IT giant Microsoft is under fire in China as the company pushes users to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10," said China Daily, an English-language newspaper in the People's Republic of China (PRC), in a story reprinted from Xinhua, the government's official news agency.

Xinhua's account resembled those in Western media, describing users whose PCs were upgraded to Windows 10 without their approval or because they overlooked an on-screen notification.

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6 Big Reasons to Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 The latest Ubuntu long-term support release arrived last month. Xenial Xerus, as it’s called, will receive security updates and bug fixes for the next five years. This makes it the ideal version for people who value a stable, predictable system.

Ubuntu’s desktop experience hasn’t changed all that much since the last LTS, version 14.04. But there are several key changes worth getting excited about for desktop and server users alike. Whether you’re upgrading for the first time in two years or moving up from 15.10, let’s have a look.

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Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You? The intention of this article is to provide Windows users with some basic information about why and how they might choose to move to a Linux based operating system instead.

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Google Defeats Oracle In Android Code Copyright Case A jury in the Oracle vs Google case has found that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s copyrights. It declared that Google’s use of 37 Java API in Android is qualified as fair use.

Bottom line is that Google has won, at least this round. Oracle is ready to appeal this decision but for the moment, Google can celebrate this win and so can the entire software developer community. This case has scared the entire software industry as it cast doubts shadow the way APIs are used in the programming world

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Fearing forced Windows 10 upgrades, users are disabling critical updates instead Some Windows 7 and 8 users would rather chance a malware infection than an involuntary Windows 10 upgrade.

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What is Calculate Linux? The Calculate project features several distributions, optimized for two distinct groups of people: home users as well as small and medium businesses that prefer open-source to proprietary solutions.

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The Year Of 2038 Problem - The Unix Millennium Bug The Year 2038 problem is an issue for computing and data storage situations in which time values are stored or calculated as a signed 32-bit integer, and this number is interpreted as the number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970 ("the epoch"). Such implementations cannot encode times after 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038, a problem similar to but not entirely analogous to the "Y2K problem" (also known as the "Millennium Bug"), in which 2-digit values representing the number of years since 1900 could not encode the year 2000 or later. Most 32-bit Unix-like systems store and manipulate time in this "Unix time" format, so the year 2038 problem is sometimes referred to as the "Unix Millennium Bug" by association.

The year of 2000 which marked a significant date in the computer industry. Those days raised the heat of Y2K - Year 2000 or Millennium bug with all computing systems.

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Microsoft has been conning Windows users for two months Microsoft has been using a deceptive tactic to dupe Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users into upgrading to Windows 10 for at least the last two months, according to the company's website.

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An oft-revised support document that Computerworld cited in a May 16 story about Microsoft's aggressive upgrade practices spelled out the workings of a pop-up notification that Windows 7 and 8.1 users had been seeing. The notification told those customers -- primarily consumers, but also many small-to-mid-sized businesses -- that the free Windows 10 upgrade had been pre-scheduled by Microsoft.

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Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux: 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures The Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux debate continues. Their fans continue to be at the each others throat. The baseline of most debate is that Windows is clumsy and full of security issues, Linux is complicated and not user-friendly and Mac is all looks that burns your money for each and everything. There are forums, dedicated websites, Facebook pages and tons of articles dedicated to the Windows Vs Linux Vs Mac debate but don’t worry this post is not to find out who is the best of them all.

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How To Easily Install Light Table On Ubuntu Linux Light Table is a feature rich and modern open source editor. It’s not an exaggeration to call it one of the best code editors for Linux. You can download the source code and use it to install Light Table but it requires extra effort in making it searchable or creating a desktop shortcut.

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ORB: New Generation Of Linux Apps Are Here Orbital Apps has brought us a new type of application package, ORB, with portable applications, interactive installer support and offline usage ability.

Portable applications are always handy. Mostly because they can run on-the-fly without needing any administrator privileges, and also it can be carried around on small USB sticks along with all their settings and data. And these interactive installers will be able to allow us to install applications with ease.

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Which Ubuntu Should I Use? Brief: Confused between Ubuntu vs Xubuntu vs Lubuntu vs Kubuntu?? This beginners’ guide helps you to decide which Ubuntu should you choose.

So, you have been reading about reasons to switch to Linux and the benefits of it and finally decided to give it a try. Good.

Now, after further reading on the internet, knowing people’s view about which Linux is good for beginners, you decided to install Ubuntu. A fine wise decision.

Perhaps at this point, you are wondering about which Ubuntu should you choose and how should you proceed with installing Ubuntu.

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Microsoft sheds light on Windows 10 update policy Microsoft senior program manager Chris Riggs revealed information about the company's Windows 10 update and upgrade in a presentation at the WinHEC technical conference in Taiwan.

While Riggs addressed business and Enterprise customers in the Windows As A Service presentation, some of it is also interesting to Home users.

Microsoft plans to release single cumulative updates each month, and so-called feature updates twice a year.

These cumulative updates are already used by the company. They supersede the previous month's update, and contain only security, reliability or bug fixes according to Microsoft.

Feature updates on the other hand, with the next major one called the Anniversary Update out in July 2016, ship with new features and capabilities but are released less frequently.

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Linus Torvalds Ships Linux Kernel 4.6 Release Linus Torvalds this week released the final code for version 4.6 of the Linux kernel. This release comes two months after the previous 4.5 version and has gone through seven release candidates.

“The 4.6 kernel on the whole was a fairly big release - more commits than we've had in a while,” Torvalds wrote in his release notes on the LKML mailing list. “But it all felt fairly calm despite that.”

Despite the relative calm of the last few release candidates, Linux kernel 4.6 “Charred Weasel” does come with its fair share of interesting changes. Many end users will notice performance improvements in the temperature control of their laptops,

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Choosing a Linux Desktop: 7 Tips Newcomers to Linux desktop struggle with the concept of choosing a Linux desktop environment. Just the idea of having a choice is difficult if you are used to Windows or OS X, but how do you choose between a dozen major Linux desktop options, and several dozen minor ones?

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Microsoft tweaks IE11-Edge interoperability in Windows 10 Microsoft yesterday said it will introduce changes in this summer's Windows 10 Anniversary Update to simplify switching from Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to Edge, and back.

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TeslaCrypt victims can now decrypt their files for free Victims of the widespread TeslaCrypt ransomware are in luck: Security researchers have created a tool that can decrypt files affected by recent versions of the malicious program.

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Microsoft wants to make Windows 7 and 8.1 updating easier Microsoft announced three upcoming changes to update procedures of previous versions of the company's Windows operating system today.

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Apple to send out update this week to help prevent iTunes bug from deleting more music from users' libraries If you are noticing that music is disappearing from your iTunes library, you're not alone. Others are complaining about missing music

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The Petya ransomware just got a whole lot worse The Petya ransomware now bundles a second file-encrypting program for cases where it cannot replace a computer's master boot record to encrypt its file table.

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Last Audit PC audit software Last Audit is a handy security audit software for PCs that points you at potential security, privacy or information leak issues on the system.

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Flash Player update fixes zero-day flaw and 24 other critical vulnerabilities Adobe Systems has released a security update for Flash Player in order to fix a publicly known vulnerability, as well as 24 privately reported security flaws.

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Windows Repair Toolbox Windows Repair Toolbox is a handy collection of third-party programs and links to Windows tools that assist you in troubleshooting issues that are experienced on a PC running the operating system.

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The shame of Windows Update Even with the slowness bugs fixed, Windows Update on Windows 7 still has its flaws.

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Microsoft: Free Windows 10 upgrade ends July 29 Microsoft announced today that the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends on July 29th, 2016.

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How to stop auto playing videos The following guide provides you with information on how to stop the auto playing of videos in desktop and mobile web browsers. Please note that some browsers don't offer functionality to block videos from playing automatically.

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Windows Live Mail 2012 end of Outlook support Windows Live Mail 2012 users who use it to connect to Microsoft's Outlook email service receive emails from Microsoft currently that state that they won't be able to use the solution anymore come June 30th, 2016.

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Google Chrome Finally Surpasses Internet Explorer For the first time, Google Chrome has officially taken the crown for the largest share (41.6%) of all desktop browser traffic picked up by NetMarket Share, a Web tracker. Internet Explorer’s share, on the other hand, dropped from 41.3 to 43.4%.

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Linux or Bust: Why Businesses Can’t Ignore This Growing Trend Linux is growing out of its pigeonhole to become a powerful force in today’s digital climate. Here are five reasons that Linux is on the rise and Linux skills are in high demand.

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Test Drive Linux With Nothing But A Flash Drive Maybe you've heard about Linux and are intrigued by it. So intrigued that you want to give it a try. But you might not know where to begin.

You've probably done a bit of research online and have run across terms like dual booting and virtualization. Those terms might mean nothing to you, and you're definitely not ready to sacrifice the operating system that you're currently using to give Linux a try. So what can you do ?

If you have a USB flash drive lying around, you can test drive Linux by creating a live USB. It's a USB flash drive that contains an operating system that can start from the flash drive. It doesn't take much technical ability to create one. Let's take a look at how to do that and how to run Linux using a live USB.

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10 easy ways to speed up your Wi-Fi If you're experiencing constant slowdowns or drop-offs with your home Internet, you may be able to fix it yourself with a few simple tweaks.

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Ubuntu 16.04: A desktop for Linux diehards Every two years a release of Ubuntu is designated Long-Term Support (LTS). Ubuntu 16.04, code-named Xenial Xerus, is the latest in that line. LTS releases are supported for five years instead of the usual nine months, but they also have less obvious implications. LTS releases are usually geared toward the enterprise, which means they generally include fewer new features and more testing. Both qualities are attractive to risk-averse companies running production software on Ubuntu servers, but provide comparatively little to the desktop user.

However, Xenial Xerus bucks this trend with a handful of new features and some welcome improvements. With the new app store, the stand-alone calendar, and the movable Launcher, Xenial might be one of the more feature-rich releases in a few years. In this review, I’ll start by walking through these new pieces and improvements,

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Patching Windows 7 can be painfully slow Two tech writers suggest four patches to Windows Update.

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Google Patches 9 Security Flaws in New Chrome Browser Build Google updated its browser Thursday patching nine security bugs, labeling four as “high” and two as a “medium” risk to computer users. The update was tied to a new Chrome browser build (50.0.2661.94) that fixes the flaws.

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LXLE Gives Aging Hardware a New Lease on Life LXLE is an ideal distro for out-of-the-box functionality to handle your everyday computing needs.

It's a well-oiled lightweight distribution based on Ubuntu's long-term support releases for Debian and Lubuntu Linux from a community originating in the U.S. The latest version is 14.04.4, released last month.

It runs an optimized LXDE, or Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, that has a comfortable look and feel with plenty of system settings to tailor its performance to your way of working. LXDE shares a close kinship with the appearance and performance of another lightweight desktop environment, Xfce.

However, LXLE -- short for Lubuntu Extra Life Extension -- taps fewer system resources than Xfce, making it just as fast and a bit more compatible with aging hardware.

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Microsoft locks down Cortana: Blocks integration with other browsers, search engines Microsoft is tightening control over Cortana. Only its Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search engine will work with searches initiated through Windows 10’s digital assistant, the company said Thursday.

Microsoft isn’t prohibiting third-party browsers like Opera and Chrome from working with Windows 10, and you can still configure the operating system to launch those browsers by default, when, say, a coworker emails you a link to a Web page. But, if you launch a search via Cortana, only Edge and Bing will be used to complete it, Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Unfortunately, as Windows 10 has grown in adoption and usage, we have seen some software programs circumvent the design of Windows 10 and redirect you to search providers that were not designed to work with Cortana,” Ryan Gavin, the general manager of search and Cortana, wrote. “The result is a compromised experience that is less

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CCleaner v5.17, for best-ever browser cleaning! In this latest release CCleaner is brought right up to date with the latest version of Firefox to make sure it cleans every last bit of your browser history and cookies.
If you're a Chrome user you'll benefit from improved extension management so you're in complete control of what starts with your browser.

New in v5.17:

- Improved Firefox 45 cleaning and Chrome Extension management
- Improved Windows Store apps Uninstall tool (Windows 8.1 and 10)
- Optimized Startup Items and Browser Plugins detection

Read more

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Five of the Best Productivity Tools for Linux Operating systems exist so that you can communicate with computer hardware to get things done. On top of the operating system are live applications that make the process of getting things done efficient. That’s where productivity tools come in. What are productivity tools? Naturally, the definition will depend on the angle from which you approach the question. Management productivity is very different from standard office productivity, and it’s the latter I wish to address.

General office productivity tools are those that enable you to work with documents and files and keep an efficient day-to-day work flow. Some might think these tools would be missing from the Linux ecosystem. I am happy to report, the naysayers are wrong.

Let’s take a look at some major productivity tools available for the Linux platform.

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Some Important Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu Linux On Your System Ubuntu Linux is one of the popular and most used Linux operating system backed by Canonical.

Requirements vary from person to person, depending upon whether the person is experienced Ubuntu user, a novice user, an artist or a programmer, but most of the things listed here are essential after a clean install of Ubuntu. Without wasting time anymore, let's have a look at must to do things after installing Ubuntu on your system.

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Meet the new Ubuntu: A Linux release tailor-made for enterprises Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS is now out, and its extended support makes it particularly suitable for businesses. Here's an overview of what you can expect to find.
Ubuntu 16.04, also known as "Xenial Xerus," made its debut on Thursday, bringing businesses a brand-new option in the operating-system world. It's Canonical's sixth Long-Term Support (LTS) version, meaning enterprises can count on support for a full five years. The ".04" signifies its release in April, not that it's a point upgrade.
Ubuntu 16.04 has a new Snap application package format designed to make the OS easier to use across desktop, server, mobile and the Internet of Things. Intended to live alongside Ubuntu's traditional "Deb" format, Snap aims to make it easier to install software from outside Ubuntu's repositories without compromising security or reliability.

Read more at:
Windows 10 Upgrade – The Office Watch View Windows 10 is really popular?
Of course, Windows 10 has been taken up by a lot of people. It’s FREE for heaven’s sake!
Microsoft proudly tells us that Windows 10 has the “fastest Windows adoption -ever” and even has a graph to ‘prove’ it. This ‘graph’ has no values on the X or Y axis let alone independent auditing of whatever numbers are behind it.
The ‘official’ deadline for completing the free upgrade to Windows 10 is 29 July 2016.
It’s generally thought that Microsoft will start charging for Windows 10 after that date. Wiser heads aren’t so sure. It’s in Microsoft’s interests to get people onto Windows 10 and demanding money for something that was once free is a good way to annoy customers.
The deadline serves more to give a sense of urgency to upgrading.
With any Windows upgrade there’s the question of hardware. Is your current computer sufficient to run Windows 10 smoothly ?

Read more at:
Opera is an attractive option for left-behind Chrome users Google announced back in 2015 that the company's Google Chrome web browser would support Microsoft's Windows XP operating throughout 2015 but would drop support shortly thereafter.

It revealed in November 2015 that it made the decision to add Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.8 and earlier, all 32-bit versions of Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7 to the list of unsupported operating systems.

That time has come, and as of April 2016, all mentioned operating systems are no longer supported by Google Chrome.

What it means

Read more at:
Dropbox announces end of Windows XP support Dropbox announced today on the official Help Center website that it plans to end support for Microsoft's Windows XP operating system in the coming months.

Extended support for the Windows XP ended more than two years ago on April 8, 2014 which means that feature, fix or security updates are no longer released for devices running the system (There is a way to still get updates for XP, but it requires Registry changes).

Some companies -- Google or Dropbox for instance -- made the decision back then to continue supporting the XP operating system thanks to its large user base.

While XP is still listed with a sizable share of the market, around 10% currently as of April 2016, companies that supported XP previously have started to drop support. Google Chrome dropped support for XP recently for instance.

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By default, when you download something using Firefox, that download gets saved to the main Downloads folder for your user account (just like Chrome and Internet Explorer). If you’d rather Firefox save your download files somewhere else, it’s really easy to change the default save folder locati... Show More
  Start Menu Repair Tool For Windows 10

The return of the Start menu is certainly one of highlights of Windows 10 operating system. But the Start menu comes with its own share of problems. The Start menu in Windows 10, although works great most of the time, at times, it doesn’t open at all when you press the Windows logo key or click th... Show More
  Windows Tile Color Changer

Windows Tile Color Changer is a freeware for Windows 10/8.1/8 which has been released the Windows Club. It allows you to change the color of pinned Tiles of your desktop apps, on your Start Screen, easily with a single click, and further help you in customizing your Start Screen.

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  How To Automatically Login In Windows 10

Want to quickly boot to your Windows 10 desktop by skipping the login screen? Would you like to avoid typing your account password each time you turn on your PC? You can configure Windows 10 to automatically boot to the desktop or Start screen without requiring to enter the account password.

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  New Windows 10 WinKey Keyboard Shortcuts you want to know

Windows 10 introduces a few new keyboard shortcuts that can help us work and navigate faster.

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  How to Use Apple Hardware Test to Diagnose Mac Problems

One of the definitive ways for an average user to determine if their Mac has a hardware problem is to run Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics, which is what we’re going to show you how to do in this tutorial.

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  How to Make Stunning Video Presentations with Spark Video

Adobe has quietly launched a new suite of web apps that, among other things, will let you use Adobe Voice inside your desktop browser. The suite, known as Adobe Spark, includes tools for creating video stories, magazine-style web pages and typography posters (think of Typorama but for the web).

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   Make Chrome great again: Performance and memory tweaks!

Chrome has come a long way since its first beta was released in 2008. Currently sitting at the top of the desktop and mobile market share charts, Google’s browser is flexible, feature packed, and cross-platform. But for all its popularity Chrome is also notorious for its habit of consuming a lot o... Show More
  How to Get Rid of “Suggested Apps” in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced what they call the “Microsoft Consumer Experience”, which includes some rather annoying “suggestions” in the Start menu–both on the left side, under your apps, and on the right side as live tiles. If you want to turn these things off, you have a few options.

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  Best Free Software Downloads for Windows 10/8/7

Finding high quality, free software for Windows is easy, but remember to watch out when installing to avoid other programs or toolbars.

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  Easy Linux Tips Project

Congratulations, you have installed a brand new Linux Mint 18 Sarah, with the Mate desktop! What's best for you to do, first of all? And after that checklist is completed, it may be fun to travel around the site for other tips for Linux.

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  Windows and Slow Copying of Files to other Locations

One of the most common complaints about newer versions of Windows is the slow copying speed, especially when transferring lots of files over the network. If you want to speed up your copying or if you regularly transfer large amounts of data and have to stop the process to perform some other disk-in... Show More

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  Foxit Reader 8.0 Introduces ConnectedPDF Collaboration, Adds Touch Mode Sup...

A long time favorite for Adobe Reader users who were looking for an alternative, Foxit Software has unveiled Foxit Reader 8.0, the latest version of its PDF viewer and creator for Windows PCs. The reader, renowned for its lightweight and speedy nature, introduces support for Foxit’s new online Con... Show More
  New Linux Lite Is a Powerhouse Distro in Disguise

Linux Lite 3.0 is anything but what its name implies. It is a full-featured operating system that lets you get down to serious business right out of the box.

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  Plex Media Server 1.0 Is Out

Plex Media Server enables you to run a media server on a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux, or on various NAS systems including those offered by Netgear, Synology or QNAP.

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  Improve laptop battery life by switching from Chrome to Firefox

Google Chrome has earned legions of fans over the years, but it has a reputation. Every so often we hear that the browser consumes more than its fair share of RAM and power, and now there's a new piece of proof.

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  What's the best Windows uninstaller?

Standard Windows uninstallers often leave your PC cluttered with unwanted files, orphaned Registry keys and assorted other leftovers. You could try to avoid this issue with a third-party uninstaller, which scans your system to find and remove everything the regular uninstaller has missed. There’s ... Show More
  5 No-Coding Tools to Build a Personal Web Site for Free

You already represent yourself in various ways on the web, be it your social networks or your company’s profile. But no matter who you are or what you do, it’s time to have a single portfolio online. The good news is that you don’t need any coding skills to make a beautiful personal site.

Rea... Show More
  The Most Popular Free Anti-Ransomware Tools

With the different types of ransomware emerging and evolving on a daily basis, a need for better protection against such viruses arises. A more specific kind of protection is always necessary, in addition to any anti-malware tools. The following article is going to introduce you to anti-ransomware t... Show More
  Crypto-ransomware attacks increase five fold

Ransomware has become a big problem in recent years, particularly crypto-ransomware, which encrypts data on users' systems. New research by Kaspersky Lab looking at how it’s evolved over the last two years points to just how big.

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  Which browser is the fastest?

Which browser is the fastest? When Google introduced Chrome, one area the company put a lot of emphasize on was performance. Google ran benchmarks regularly showing that the browser's performance was way better than that of other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer which were dominating th... Show More
  Use Powerline Adapters as an Alternative to Wireless Routers

When Wi-Fi alone can’t manage your streaming-media needs, a network using your home’s electrical wiring can often help. HomePlug AV2 MIMO powerline networks—the latest and fastest version of the HomePlug standard—are fast and easy to set up: You simply plug one adapter into a free power outl... Show More
  Why You Should Use an Anti-Keylogger for Windows

If you have been using a computer long enough, you might have come across a number of suggestions like never try to access your personal or financial information from a public computer or any system that is not yours. One of the reasons for this suggestion is the threat of keylogging where everythin... Show More
  Make Avast Antivirus Faster On Windows 10 By Installing Nitro Update

Avast is widely known for its Avast Antivirus free for Windows operating system. Millions of Windows 10 users using the free Avast Antivirus to protect their Windows operating system as well as data from malicious threats.

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