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Perhaps you have a short simple TECHNICAL question.  If so consider asking a "Quickie". A "Quickie" is a short question of 70 characters or less that can be answered quickly in 350 characters or less.

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  The fastest way to search your Chrome history or b...

Create two custom searches and you'll have fast lanes for searching your Chrome history or bookmarks.

Read more at: http://cnet.co/1Gy8pi2
  Don't get hooked by a Phishing expedition

Don't reply to email or pop-up messages that ask for personal or financial information, and don't click on links in the message.

Don't cut and paste a link from the message into your Web browser -- phishers can make links look like they go one place, but actually send you to a different site.

... Show More
  Prevent your Mac password from being bypassed

These two security utilities prevent thieves from being able to reset your password to gain access to the contents of your Mac.

Read more at: http://cnet.co/1vAfQEu
  Website Data

Clicking the icon immediately to the left of a URL in the Omnibox -- usually either a document or a padlock symbol -- will show you a hefty set of data about the site you're viewing, including what permissions it requires, what cookies it's utilizing, and when you first visited it.
  Firefox Privacy

Firefox has a high level of privacy and any traces of your browsing activities such as history and cache can be erased easily, if you're on a public terminal, at work or if you just browsed not recommendable web sites. To do so, simply select the menu Tools, then Options, then Privacy, and you'll se... Show More
  How to Change Default Browsers on Mac

Safari on Mac is a great browser, but if you’re not a fan of it and would rather use a different web browser, here’s how to change the default browser on Mac.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1DnmL41

 Latest Industry News...

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  Flaw in popular Web analytics plug-in exposes Word...

Attackers can easily crack cryptographic keys used by the WP-Slimstat plug-in and use them to read information from a site's database.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1Gy6ryi
  Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifi...

Mozilla has outfoxed three critical and six high severity flaws in its latest round of patches for its flagship browser.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1zhKzBk
  Police kill money-stealing botnet that infected mi...

Europol and police forces across Europe have shut down Ramnit, a botnet that infected up to three million computers world-wide.

Read more at: http://engt.co/1DWsI9k
  7 Linux Facts That Will Surprise You

Here are seven things we bet you didn't know about Linux and why it remains a software project of historic proportions.

Read more at: http://ubm.io/1BwdKbr
  Ubuntu 14.04.2 arrives with updated hardware suppo...

Canonical just released Ubuntu 14.04.2, the second point-release of the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS series.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1BwadK9
  Microsoft Now Lets You Download Windows 7 ISOs Wit...

If you don’t have your Windows 7 disc handy — but want to create a custom installation, run Windows from a USB drive, or just do a fresh install — you’ll need an ISO file of the disc.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1Bw3Iaj

 What Our Clients Say...

Bob has helped me in the past and I appreciate his expertise and willingness to help me, each and every time. thank you bob!

" I really like and appreciate protonic.com i can't think of any way to improve at this time. if I think of something, i'll let you know. "  February 17th, 2015

I appreciate the immediate response to the problem I was experiencing. thank you.

" I appreciate protonic and I have recommended it to my friends. "  January 23rd, 2015

The support was quick, efficient and solved the problem. excellent and thank you.

" I am impressed having never used the company before. I will certainly spread the word and thank you again. "  January 20th, 2015

Always excellent response.  January 6th, 2015

I feel much better knowing that my computer is fine. excellent service you have. puts me at ease. e korman  January 5th, 2015

Excellent response, excellent work.  January 4th, 2015

Excellent service, have gotten my system restore function back on and working., thank you, efkorman716  December 28th, 2014

It seemed that he quickly and accurately assessed the level of expertise of the person he was assisting. I consider that very important so that the tech isn't requiring his client to deal with issues clearly beneath his competency level.

" I think the service is exemplary. that level of customer service, of course, is dependent on the individual competency on many levels of the technicians in the pool. you encourage asking for another tech if issues are not resolved to the client's satisfaction rather than downgrading the tech's rating. that's fine as long as there is a process in place to review the tech in-house to ensure that his/her performance is meeting protonic.com expectations. "  December 18th, 2014

He was sure knowledgeable and was able to pinpoint the discrepancy immediately.

" A great asset to all computer users. "  December 8th, 2014

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Wed, 20 Jul 2011 - May i hide my IP without proxy use?


No. Even if you use a proxy your IP address is only partially hidden. It is often still possible to trace back to your connected IP. Your ISP always knows what you are doing ... in detail.

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