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  Closing an Open Port

If you want to close an open port, you can do so by using the Windows Firewall. For example, let's say you want to close port 5500 for all inbound connections. Perform the steps outlined below.
  Chromebook Accessibility Options

To enable accessibility options on your Google Chromebook, visit chrome://settings/search#accessibility. You can enable the accessibility menu, spoken feedback and other accessibility options.
  How to Turn Off Keyboard Click Sounds on iPhone & ...

A little clicking sound is made every time you type on the iPhone keyboard. Some users really like that sound effect and find that it helps them to type on the virtual keyboard easier, but other users find it to be annoying and obtrusive.
  Make Chrome Use the Default Print Window in OS X

If you’re a majority Chrome browser user in OS X you’ve probably noticed that when printing from the web browser, a custom print preview window opens up that looks quite different from the default print window on a Mac.
  6 Tricks you can Speed Up your Chrome Browser

How fast is your Chrome Browser? Do you wait long enough for your email to load? It is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the fastest and user friendly browsers available.
  25 Very Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

1. To format any selected object, press ctrl+1
2. To insert current date, press ctrl+;
3. To insert current time, press ctrl+shift+;
4. To repeat last action, press F4
5. To edit a cell comment, press shift + F2
6. To autosum selected cells, press alt + =
7. To see the suggest drop-down in a c... Show More


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  Study: E-readers, tablets can disrupt sleep

Using an electronic book reader or another portable electronic light-generating device prior to going to sleep can disrupt regular sleeping habits, researchers at Pennsylvania State University have found.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1sRUmvX
  So you got a smart home gadget...now what?

Here's what you need to know if you're bringing a brand new connected device into your home this holiday season.

Read more at: http://cnet.co/1sRQLOC
  Home networking explained, part 1: Here's the URL ...

CNET editor Dong Ngo answers all your questions about the basics of home networking.

Read more at: http://cnet.co/16KHrri
  Did the browser wars finally end in 2014?

The modern browser wars began in earnest in 2004, when Mozilla Firefox challenged Internet Explorer's complete and utter market dominance, successfully growing from zero to several hundred million users in less than five years.

Read more at: http://zd.net/13Rcy3b
  Google slams Russia engineering office doors shut

Google is reportedly closing the doors of its engineering office in Russia after a string of changes in legislation now force tech firms to keep the data of Russian citizens in the country.

Read more at: http://zd.net/13Rci4g
  Staples: 1.16 million cards possibly vulnerable in...

As Sony continues to take heat everywhere from Hollywood to Washington, Staples provided an update about its own security breach sustained earlier this year.

Read more at: http://zd.net/1z98piU

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Brilliant, thank you  December 22nd, 2014

Excellent I learnt a lot in the process as well, thank you

" The best "  December 22nd, 2014

Tech suggested something I hadn't thought abut. however I didn't get the email until after we bought new speakers; probably would cost us more to ship the old ones to washington (state) for testing, maybe out of warranty.

" Excellent help. keep on payroll. recommended your service again today. happy holidays to all! have a nice day and smile! "  December 21st, 2014

James was exceptionally helpful and very patient.  December 21st, 2014

Tech did a great job

" Great technicians, they work hard and do a good job "  December 20th, 2014

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Is is safe to uninstall HP Active Support Library?


Yes it is.


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Can you link 4 wire case fans in series?


No. If they were wired in series the wrong voltage would be delivered to each and if in parallel 1 wire carries a signal relaying Fan RPM and the other allows the Motherboard to control speed.


My computer takes to long to boot up.


Try this FREE product: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/features/ccleaner-optim...


Best Clone software


Clonezilla, Aomei Backupper, Macrium Reflect, EaseusToDo Visit https://www.raymond.cc/blog/10-commercial-disk-imaging-so...


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