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  If you access the Internet from ...

Being able to access the Internet from different locations — the library, a computer lab at school, an Internet cafe — is a great convenience, but it can also pose a security risk to personal information. If you do access the Internet from a shared computer, here are a few things you need to rem... Show More
  How to Set a Custom Logon Screen...

Windows 7 makes it possible to change the welcome screen that appears when you start your computer without any third-party software, but this setting is well hidden. You can set any image you like as your background.

Read more here: Show More
  Try the advanced menu options

If you need to run the command prompt as an Administrator then your instant reaction will probably be to reach for the Start menu. Before becoming annoyed a microsecond later when you remember it's no longer there.
It's good to see that Microsoft has provided a simple alternative, then - just click... Show More
  How to Pin Sites in Safari

When you create a new tab in Safari, thumbnails of your most visited Web sites display. This is called the Top Sites display. Click any tab to jump to the webpage associated with the thumbnail. The thumbnails displayed will change, depending on your browsing habits.

You can however, permanently p... Show More
  PC security, NSA-style: 7 tips f...

Was it really just a few months ago that your biggest computer-privacy concern was making sure your employer didn’t find the college photo of you sucking on a beer bong on your Facebook page? That seems cute now. With the recent revelations that the National Security Agency may have been involved ... Show More
  Utilizing Run As

Hold down Shift, right-click any program shortcut, and you'll see an option to run the program as a different user, handy if you're logged in to the kids' limited account and need to run something with higher privileges. This isn't really a new feature - Windows XP had a Run As option that did the s... Show More
  Default to Photo Viewer

Double-click an image file within Explorer and it won't open in a Photo Viewer window any more, at least not by default. Instead you'll be switched to the full-screen Windows 8 Photos app - bad news if you thought you'd escaped such hassles by using the desktop.

If you'd like to fix this, go to C... Show More
  Specify a Minimum Font Size for ...

If you are tired of having to constantly zoom in on Web pages because the font is too small to comfortably view, you might want to tinker with the Specify a minimum type size setting in Safari. What this does, is allows you to ensure that every Web page that you visit can be easily viewed by you by ... Show More
  How to spot a phishing email...

It could be a phishing email if...

There are misspelled words in the e-mail or it contains poor grammar.

The message is asking for personally identifiable information, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, PINs or Social Security Numbers.

There are "threats" or alarming s... Show More
  Use Your Web Browser to Set a De...

You can set an image as your desktop background from the Desktop & Screen Saver area of of the System Preferences pane, using either images provided by Apple or one of your own images. However, if you are browsing the Web and come across an awesome photo that you would like to set as your backgroun... Show More
  Fault-Tolerant Help

Windows 7 includes a new feature called the Fault Tolerant Help (FTH), a clever technology that looks out for unstable processes, detects those that may be crashing due to memory issues, and applies several real-time fixes to try and help. If these work, that's fine - if not, the fixes will be undon... Show More
  Windows 8.1 Guide: 25 Tips and T...

The first big update to Windows 8 brings a potpourri of changes, enhancements, and surprises. Here’s a look at how to tap into what's new.
  Avoid default installations

Most software and hardware setup procedures are designed to get the product up and running with maximum functionality and minimum effort. One thing that usually slips is security. If you set up your external firewall with the suggested password from the installation instructions, how many others are... Show More
  Don't pass on chain messages or ...

Chain messages are a burden on mail systems and to the vast majority of the people who receive them. Just don't pass them on — it is as simple as that. You may get messages from friends, warning you about a new virus, health scare, charity appeal or con trick. These are very likely to be hoaxes or... Show More
  Restore the Windows Updates are ...

If you've set up Windows 8 to check for Windows updates but enable you to choose whether to download and install them, then of course it's very important that the system tells you when updates are available. And it does this - but only in the logon screen. The "Updates are available" system tray ico... Show More


 Latest Industry News...

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  Which Browser is Best? Chrome vs...

They're all free, fast, and compliant, but each of today's Windows Web browser choices has its own particular capabilities and features that may best suit your needs.

Read more at:
  The Best Antivirus for 2014

Which of the current antivirus tools will do the best job of keeping malware off your PC and wiping out threats that have already invaded? We test every product on the market to help you sort it all out.

Read more at:
  Microsoft Makes it Easy for Stud...

Students can sign on for Office 365 without help from their schools, but don't forget the teachers.

Microsoft is making it easier for students to get Office for free, and extending the benefit to teachers as well.

Read more at:
  Bing vs. Google: The Web Search ...

The search engine wars are back as Bing goes head-to-head with Google. With Microsoft's Bing jumping into second place in market share and assuming control of Yahoo's back-end search, the stage is set for a Google-Bing showdown.

Read more at:
  31 ways to improve your iPhone's...

Apple's latest iPhones pack as much power in as their predecessors, but not even nearly as much as their nearest competitors. By tweaking iOS 8, you can improve your iPhone's battery life considerably. Here's how.

Read more at:
  Here is how you get an additiona...

Microsoft's OneDrive online hosting and synchronization service (formerly known as SkyDrive), has recently increased storage for all paid accounts to 1 TB.

Read more at:
  Seven privacy settings you shoul...

The minute you download and install iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, you should take note of these privacy steps in order to lock down your device.

iOS 8 has a number of new features tied to your location. It also has new privacy settings, allowing... Show More
  EaseUS Todo PCTrans supports ind...

Most users who buy, build or get a new PC want to move data from the old one to the new. This includes personal files such as photos, videos or music but also applications, application data and customizations.

Read more at:
  Google wants to enrich offline b...

Someday soon, users may be able to interact with their favorite websites even when these sites aren’t accessible, thanks to a new browser standard called Service Workers being developed by Google.

Read more at:
  Apple delivers final non-securit...

Apple on Wednesday released OS X 10.9.5, what is most likely the last non-security update for Mavericks, just weeks before the company will ship the successor, Yosemite.

Read more at:
  Windows 9: A new hope

Three UI changes show a positive new direction away from the unloved Windows 8.

Read more at:
  ChromeOS vs Linux: The Good, the...

In the battle between ChromeOS and Linux, both desktop environments have strengths and weaknesses.

Anyone who believes Google isn't "making a play" for desktop users isn't paying attention. In recent years, I've seen ChromeOS making quite a splash on the Google Chromebook.

Read more at: http://... Show More
  How to Use Easy Transfer to Move...

There can often be a lot of trepidation about upgrading to a new PC. If nothing else, it’s just a pain to get all those accumulated files from your old PC to the new. Don’t let the daunting task of file transfer stop you from upgrading.

Read more at:
  An early look at Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 is a minor, but significant, step up from Canonical's last Linux desktop operating system, Ubuntu 14.04.

Want an early peek at Ubuntu 14.10? The betas are out for the Ubuntu variant distributions.

Read more at:
  Kindle security vulnerability ca...

A security vulnerability exists in Amazon's Kindle Library, which can be used to "compromise" an entire account, according to the researcher who found the flaw.

Read more at:

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How to get a new IP address on my startup,with Windows XP?


Left click Start menu, left click run. In the open box type command and press enter. At the DOS prompt, type the command IPCONFIG /renew to acquire a new IP address.


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Is the Adobe Flash Player update safe?


Yes, Adobe Flash Player is safe at the moment. But, as soon as the hackers have figured a hack for it, Flash Player could be deemed unsafe. As always, keep your anti virus program updated.


How do i uninstall the torntv V10


You will find a description and removal instructions in the following link If you need further assistance please open a detailed question.


How do I stop AVG PC Tuneup pestering me to buy their program?


Since it is a "Try before you Buy" the only way to do this is to purchase their program. There are many similar programs that are free have no nags. Use "Ask a Question" on this site for for more.


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