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  10 things to do first in Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon

Congratulations, you have installed a brand new Linux Mint 18.3 (code name: Sylvia), with the Cinnamon desktop! What's best for you to do, first of all?

Read more at:
  Mac Mouse Double-Clicking Instead of Single Clicki...

Some Mac users may encounter a weird issue where they attempt to single click their mouse or trackpad but a double-click is registered instead of the intended single click. This is obviously frustrating since a double-click in the wrong place can perform actions you may not want to perform, like ful... Show More
  MacBook Cannot Use Mouse and Trackpad at the Same ...

Some Mac users may find that if they connect an external mouse or trackpad to their MacBook or MacBook Pro, the internal built-in trackpad then no longer works. This may appear like a bug, and some users may think it’s a hardware problem, but the good news is that the inability to use both a mouse... Show More
  15 More Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Master W...

Windows 10 has so many new features that we couldn't even cover them all with one article. From keyboard shortcuts to revamped search functions and all-new window gestures, Microsoft definitely piled on the fresh functionality in the latest version of their operating system.

Read more at: http://b... Show More
  2 Show Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

If you want to show the Mac desktop quickly, the fastest way to do so is often with a keyboard shortcut to reveal the desktop. This approach will push aside all on-screen windows, apps, and other information, and show only the Mac desktop – all without closing any apps.

Read more at: http://bit.... Show More
  How to Install & Use SF Mono Font on Mac with Othe...

SF Mono is a really nice monospaced font available to Mac users within Terminal and Xcode, but you may have noticed that SF Mono is not available outside of those two apps.

If you’d like to use SF Mono font elsewhere in MacOS and in other Mac apps, follow the instructions below to install the S... Show More

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  MintBox Mini 2

The MintBox Mini just got better again!

Based on the Compulab Fitlet2, the new Mini is just as small as the original MintBox Mini and the MintBox Mini Pro but with much better specifications, better performance and a few more features.

The top heatsink is slightly taller than before for t... Show More
  Best Linux Distributions: Find One That's Right fo...

The landscape of Linux is vast and varied.  And, if you€™re considering migrating to the open source platform or just thinking about trying a new distribution, you€™ll find a world of possibilities.

Luckily, Jack Wallen has reviewed many different Linux distributions over... Show More
  Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: How to BLOCK ne...

MICROSOFT is scheduled to roll-out its blockbuster new Windows 10 update €" Spring Creators Update €" in the coming days. Ahead of the launch, how to block the feature-packed upgrade.
Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is set to roll-out worldwide, starting from today, April 1... Show More
  Don't want your internet provider to see the sites...

Free new tool could help keep your data private AND speed up your internetThe tool works via the Domain Name System, the directory of the internetDNS matches up web addresses to a site's specific online location, or IP address keeps this data hidden by rooting your DNS requests thro... Show More
  Apple launches iOS 11.3 with raft of privacy featu...

Apple is launching a major privacy push, with software updates across all its devices to introduce new data privacy information immediately, with an updated website offering new privacy management tools to follow in May.

Thursday€™s updates (macOS 10.13.4, iOS11.3 and tvOS 11.3) are ... Show More
  Linux on Windows 10: Microsoft releases new tool t...

Microsoft has released a tool to help Linux distribution maintainers bring their distros to the Windows Store to run on Windows 10's Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Microsoft describes the tool as a "reference implementation for a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distribution installer application"... Show More

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Great service. .

" Referred others today. "  April 22nd, 2018

I have used protonic for years, learned a lot about my pc -- but now have a mac & am so happy to also find good help & advice for that. paul was very helpful & patient with my lack of mac knowledge & gave me advice in many areas, as well as informational links.

" Protonic is great! "  April 18th, 2018

I'm going to try to enact the advise you gave me did an excellent job of explaining the question.

" I feel bad that I can't afford $ to help support this great support doesn't go very far now days. "  April 18th, 2018

Thanks for your help.

" Thanks for your help we get. "  April 16th, 2018

Thanks again paul for your insight and knowledge. it was a pleasure to have your help bob  April 7th, 2018

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Mon, 03 Nov 2014 - What do you think of comodo ice dragon browser


It's good. You may want to try several--Whitehat Aviator is quite secure, and Epic Browser provides speed and security features.

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Good free software to convert a you tube VIDEO to an MP4 VIDEO


Always difficult to recommend on software tool against another due to personal choice but one of the most popular is


Hi....Can you suggest a good free YOU TUBE to mp4 converter?


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